10 Awesome Movies That Are Simply an Engaging Conversation

Films take the audience on journeys, delving into new stories and introducing viewers to riveting plots and storylines. Films broach multiple genres, including comedy, drama, and action, but one of the most compelling mediums to tell stories is through conversation. Here are ten films utilizing dialogue throughout the majority of the runtime.

1. Women Talking (2022)

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One of last year's best-picture nominees, Women Talking, follows a group of women in a fictional 2010 who resemble Mennonites. The women learn that the colony's men take advantage of them while they sleep, drug them, and impregnate them. The group of women band together and discuss their plans. They choose between staying with the abuse or departing from the only land they know to avoid further mistreatment.  

2. Funny Games (2007)

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This film is a chilling torture tale centering around a family vacation gone wrong. When this family arrives at their lake house, they encounter two men deadset on abusing the family. The film consists of disturbing conversations between the perpetrators and victims, leading to the finale. The satire asks, “why do we watch violence instead of preventing it?” 

3. The Guilty (2018)

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The original The Guilty is a 2018 Danish film following a phone call between a dispatcher and a woman in captivity. However, the phone call drops, and the dispatcher uses his office space and the technological tool to help solve the crime and free the kidnapped woman. 

4. Mass (2021)

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Mass is a heart-wrenching film revolving around a school shooting. The parents of the school shooter and the parents of one of the victims exchange conversations about the event and their lives following the tragedy.  

5. Coherence (2013)

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This 2013 film examines all the possibilities within multiple realities and the realities within those realities, and so on and so forth. The mind-bending movie begins with a family dinner between friends and ex-partners, introducing a layer of tension to the plot. After a comet causes unexpected events, the friends interrogate one another to uncover the truth.  

6. Pontypool (2008)

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Pontypool offers a revitalized take on a virus movie: a superspreader through the English language. The plot follows a disc jockey determined to save the community. He utilizes his radio studio and warns the public of the increased risk of the virus. 

7. The Invitation (2015)

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The Invitation is perfect for anyone who likes films about cults and/or dinner parties. The film opens with a straight couple arriving at a dinner party for the husband's ex-wife. Strange, right? Correct. The directing in this film leads the viewer to question the hosts' intentions and the guests' safety. And all major plot points occur through conversation.  

8. Malcolm and Marie (2021)

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Sam Levinson's feature film received mixed reviews despite Euphoria, his Emmy-award-winning TV series gaining traction. Malcolm and Marie star Zendaya and John David Washington for a nearly two-hour argument between a couple navigating their wavering relationship. If you're a fan of slow-paced noirs, this film is for you. 

9. My Dinner With Andre (1981)

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The title of this movie explains the plot. Andre invites an old friend to dinner to speak of his experience traveling the world while the other party (Wallace) remains in New York and resorts to a life of mediocrity. 

10. The Breakfast Club (1985)

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The Breakfast Club merch litters shirts in every mainstream retail store, and a Blu-ray copy of John Hughes' archetypal exploration decorates the shelf of every emerging cinephile. One of the most iconic films of the 80s, The Breakfast Club features five individuals who spend an afternoon together in detention.

We have the jock, the nerd, the goth, the straight-A student, and the burnout, who all come together to understand their differences during a lengthy Saturday detention. In the 80s, kids didn't have a swath of electronic devices to entertain themselves with, so they did what every other person in the 80s did. They talked.

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