Candy is a confection made with sugar and often flavoring and filling and something that is pleasant or appealing in a light or frivolous way. Yet so many gross and harmful candies are still on the market. Hopefully, your favorite is not on the list!

Candy Buttons

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While some argue “those had their time and place” most agree “the paper you can never fully get off them” is weird. “The paper bit? Part of the experience. I always pretended I was at Wonka’s factory licking the wallpaper”

Black Licorice

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“Apparently black licorice contains a chemical called glycyrrhizin which gives it its flavor. However having too much of it can cause raised blood pressure and other symptoms like headaches….its actually a very toxic chemical to some people.” Besides the risk to your health most people also agree that it just tastes gross.


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“Jawbreakers … They’re just uncomfortable” commented one. “Las Vegas has those giant jawbreakers. Had a classmate who tried going through that, and it only made his tongue bleed,” added another.

Necco Wafers

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Necco Wafers are “mildly flavored chalk tablets.” They are back on the market but “I had a little party when they shut down, miserable chalk wafers that at best tasted like nothing but chalk” Necco Wafers did serve a purpose though:  “perfect shingles for gingerbread houses. Mmmmm shingles….”

Circus Peanuts

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“Circus Peanuts are a sad excuse for a snack. They taste like stale, artificial peanuts coated in a sickly sweet, waxy coating. The texture is chewy and gummy, and they leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth. Overall, they are a gross and disappointing treat.”


Thrills Gum

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“There’s a gum in Canada called Thrills and their slogan is ‘It still tastes like soap!'” “I’ve actually eaten it, it’s terrible, it’s supposed to taste like rosewater.” “Who thought a gum that tastes like floral soap would be a good thing?”

Orange and Black Wrapped Taffy

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“That orange and black wrapped peanut butter taffy that cheap people buy on Halloween” is the worst candy. “I remember every year as a kid, I’d think ‘well maybe they got better this year’ after going through the rest of my candy.” Spoiler: they still taste terrible!

Sugar-Free Haribo Gummy Bears

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“Don’t eat those unless you are near a bathroom” makes it pretty obvious why these candies aren’t popular. “Ill never find a better colon cleanser than low sugar / sugar free gummies.” Enough said.

Bit O’ Honey

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One user shared, “I remember my mom telling me to be careful not to chew too hard or it’ll pull my fillings out. We were sharing it as she bit into it she looked shocked. She pulled her filling out. Had to get a root canal to fix it.” Another added, “invented by dentists to make money.” Sugar Daddies and milk duds are other candies known to cause dental problems.

Cheap Chocolate

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The worst candy ever is “any cheap chocolate that tastes like wax” that is often “synonymous with Christmas” suggests one. “I always avoid products labeled ‘chocolatey’ or ‘chocolate flavored,'” added another. “That stuff should be ashamed of themselves for having chocolate in the name.”

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