Boomers: love or hate them, they’re a generation famous for their idiosyncracies like their love of Bruce Springsteen, preferring physical possessions, and ruining the housing market. I’m just kidding. Don’t run off. Nonetheless, according to an online forum, these ten little things will likely die off with the boomers.

1. Yahoo News

Yahoo News
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Number one rated comment: Yahoo News. I’m bound to agree — the only reason I have a Yahoo account is that my boomer parents signed me up for one when I was about nine years old. So thanks to them, I was nine going on 49. Admittedly, this is more of a regional thing because a Japanese commenter insists Yahoo is still the predominant service in Japan.

My favorite comment came from someone who said using “Yahoo as a search engine, only for them to look up Google” will also go with the boomers. Did we all have the same childhood?

2. Affordable Housing, Groceries, and Tuition

house and calculator
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Three thousand people agree with a commenter who cites affordable housing as the number one thing that will die off with the boomers, though, to be fair, this has already happened, and the boomers are still here.

This person references a New York Times article discussing how starter homes no longer exist in this economy. Others add that it doesn’t end with housing — everything is more expensive and difficult to obtain, from groceries and tuition to getting jobs.

3. The Inability to Use a Card Reader

card reader
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Real talk, why don’t boomers seem to understand how to use card readers, especially since the advent of chipped credit cards? A user jokes about how boomers often state, “it says to remove the card.”

Yeah, so remove your card! Another joked how they would awkwardly stare at you like they don’t know when to remove their card even though it’s maniacally beeping at them. Cards and chip readers have been around for a while, so this one is strange.

4. Workplace Loyalty

workers shaking hands
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One person suggests that workplace loyalty will go out the window, as this is an outdated boomer mentality. They clarify, however, that they think this is a good thing because workers don’t owe their employers anything. If I can add some nuance to this debate, the boomer mentality makes more sense when you realize they were brought up in a different economy and workplace environment.

Boomers were less jaded for a reason — they had it pretty good. Millennials and Gen Z are rightfully cynical and don’t want to put in more work than they have to because it just means being taken advantage of with no perks. Another commenter avows my argument by commenting that many people miss that the reason for workplace loyalty was because companies back then fostered it.

“When I started, if you were at a good company and stayed with them, you could expect to retire at 55 with sour 80% of your salary and some medical benefits.” However, this person explains that the cost of living and annual raises increased.

However, all of these benefits were eroded, though upper management expects the same level of loyalty. In that sense, you can understand why there is such a potent generational divide in workplace attitudes.

5. Covering Hardwood Floors With Carpet

carpet in living room
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Hopefully, as many people hope, this abominable trend of covering hardwood floors with carpet will disappear entirely. Unfortunately, however, awful trends like this will likely morph into the next dreadful thing. As one person points out, now it’ll just be the new generational trend of painting wood cabinets white. Why, god, why!?

6. Cable TV

guy plugging in cable tv
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Many people in the thread believe cable has overstayed its welcome and welcome its exit from our lives. Some call cable a scam, while others insist streaming is already halfway to becoming what cable was unless you pirate everything you watch.

The early days of streaming were a massive threat to cable and preferable in most ways. We’re now getting cable functionality but with millions of separate subscription fees.

7. QVC

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This one is accurate. When did you last see a young person order something from QVC or watch that channel? However, are we genuinely immune to the marketing and sales tactics of QVC, or are they just coming in different forms?

One user points out that social media marketing like Instagram is similar, where people make videos advertising for brands and products. Another agrees, stating, “With some of the garbage I see millennials buying off of Instagram, we should probably be careful with giving the boomers turd about this.” Others claim Shein is the new QVC.

8. “I Hate My Wife” Jokes

boomer couple
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Okay, seriously, are boomer marriages okay? Why do so many boomer men joke about how they hate their wives while the women talk about drowning their sorrows in wine?

One user perfectly encapsulates the generational divide in humor:

“Boomer humor: “I hate my wife.’
Gen X humor: “I hate everyone.”
Millennial humor: “I hate my life.”
Gen Z humor: “lemon.”

Someone claims it has to do with newer generations of parents being more involved with the family because they place a higher value on things outside of work.

I hate the “I hate my wife” brand of humor, but there’s also a twinkle of charm when you realize they at least stuck it out in relationships instead of running at the first sign of conflict.

9. Newspapers

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Despite many users agreeing that newspapers will die off as we shift from the physical to the digital world, most expressed regret. “It’s a shame,” one person says, “good journalism is the lifeblood of democracy.” A person from the older generation misses this part of their morning routine.

They would read the Sunday comics and attempt to get at least one word right on the crossword puzzle. While someone tried to argue that this is still doable on your phone, this person insists it isn’t the same as holding a piece of paper that won’t track all the websites you visit. As I said, the most significant divide between the older and younger generations is the value placed on physical possessions.

10. Social Security As We Know It

social security card
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This one hits hard. When I was in high school, all my teachers stressed the importance of saving money because my generation likely won’t be able to rely on social security payments in retirement.

Social security these days don’t feel so secure. Some users are skeptical that anything will happen to social security, insisting the government will print more money and that they’ve warned that social security could disappear for multiple generations, yet it remains.

Some conservatives in the thread welcome the erasure of social security if it does happen, wishing for the option to opt-out and referring to it as a Ponzi scheme. Nevertheless, social security will remain solvent until 2037, for the time being.

Source: Reddit.

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