10 Online Opportunities for Making $10,000 a Month

While scrolling a popular internet finance forum, I discovered the question, “People who make money online, what is it that you do?” Here are the top-voted responses for making $10k monthly online.

10. Self-Publish on Amazon

One person suggested, “Publish a book. It's pure profit.” Several users experienced or knew someone who has succeeded in self-publishing books on Amazon as a passive income stream.

9. YouTube

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“Start a YouTube channel and make ad revenue money,” said one. Another asked, “At what point does one begin earning on YouTube?” The OP responded, “1000 subscribers minimum and 4000 watch hours in a single month, then apply for monetization.”

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8. Start a Long-Term Dropshipping Store

Someone suggested the best way to make an extra $10k each month was to “Start a long-term dropshipping store with high Google searches and promote it with Google search ads.” Another added, “Dropshipping is the key! It will not make you rich overnight, but if you do it correctly, it will be a decent source of reliable income.”

7. Start Affiliate Marketing SaaS

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“Start Affiliate Marketing, especially Software as a service (SAAS). With requiring commissions. Promote one product and take commissions every month,” answered one.

6. Web Design

“Web Design. Get a few templates or partner with a Dev shop to have a few quickly deployable designs on hand. Nothing is 100% bespoke, just something where you'd have to upload a logo, change some images, switch around the copy, etc. Sell those websites for cheap, say $4k-$6k, with the stipulation they host with you for 12 months at $199/month, including maintenance and such.”

5. Whitehat SEO

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One user suggested “SEO. You can easily make $10k/month just white labeling for clients.” Say you sold local SEO packages for $1000/month. 1/3 you would use for COGs. You'd only need 15 clients to get you over $10k/month.”

“Then what if you got 5 of them to host the site with you for $150/month, which could include maintenance, updates, and an hour of designer time? That's an extra $750/month right there. You could get a Siteground shared hosting for $30/month to host the sites.”

“Pay a Virtual Assistant $200/month to put in the orders with your white label SEO partner and send reports each month, pay another $300 to make sure all the plugins are up to date, backups are being created, and nothing has been hacked.”

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4. Payware Mods for Video Games

“Payware mods for video games like FiveM or American Truck sim,” another answered. “Learn how to model and market them. They typically go from $25-300 per download. And people do buy them a lot. Watch some youtube tutorials.”

“An easy way to start getting familiar with the programs and how they impact the game is to take an existing game asset and make edits. For example, you can take a default truck from the American Truck sim and start making edits like different bumpers, exhausts, wheels, etc.”

“You can also take an existing car mod from GTA V, make it a police car, take a building, change the furniture/textures, etc. I don't sell other people's work that I edit, but it's an excellent way to gain exposure and learn.”

3. Starting a B2B Agency

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“Fastest way to $10k is starting a B2B agency,” one replied. “Focus on one problem. For example, you may specialize in helping small CPA firms with Level 1 tech support (i.e., how do I export data from Quickbooks into Excel).”

Get a virtual assistant from the Philippines for $5/hr and have them create a list of CPA firms in the United States (this may be readily available online). Then have them scrape names and emails of decision makers at the company (CEO, Partner, Director, etc.) Simple enough, so far?”

“Get a tool like Outreach.io and load all the contact information there. Then, create a sequence of emails. The goal is to land a discovery call, not to close a deal. When you get someone on a call, give them your pitch. Closing the deal may require one or two more convos.”

“Then, close the deal with a $500-$5000 monthly retainer. The price should depend on how big the company is (one measure would be how many employees they have).”

2. Building PowerPoint Presentations

“It's maybe not as sexy as some of the other suggestions,” shared one. “But I've been working for myself for the past ten years building presentations (yes, like PowerPoint). It's a weird little niche with many varied clients/needs, but I was able to build a whole career around it, and it opened many other doors as well.”

1. Paid Media Agency

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The number one voted response read, “Paid Media Agency. There is plenty of room for others and other digital services you can offer businesses. It's what I have found to be the closest thing to a guarantee to a six-figure business without any significant investment, and you can do it part-time.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is something missing from this list? This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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