Find out the three bitcoin price predictions, each from different analysis, and know how much to invest in your portfolio.

If you’re still skeptical about investing in bitcoin or buying cryptocurrency, you need to watch this video. Not only will I reveal three bitcoin price predictions but more importantly, the reasons why bitcoin could be your best investment over the next 10 years.

I’m racing back from Tulsa to Des Moines. It’s 2001 and I’ve just paid $40,000 for a brand new, cherry red Porsche Boxster and I’m ready for my life to change!

You see, I had a lot of problems. I was always small, painfully shy and never found it easy to make friends. The Marine Corps had taught me how to act tough but hadn’t really solved any of these, not deep down.

I was 25, heading back to college and I was ready for this car to fix everything.

Within a week, I had scratched the side all to hell, not paying attention pulling out of the garage, and almost gotten a ticket for drag racing right outside the local police station. And that was only September, not even winter yet which if you’ve ever been to the land of corn and cows…makes roads deathly slippery.

But I was having fun. The car turned heads. It was a conversation starter and I had three girl friends over the next four months…but I didn’t really feel any different.

In fact, it was late March, we had just had one of those characteristic Iowa March ice storms. The kind where you think winter is over but get freezing sleet instead. I had just broken up with girl friend number three, so of course, I’m driving fast and furious before Vin Diesel had changed his first spark plug. As I pull onto freeway, the car begins to skid, a skid that quickly becomes a full spin, first 360 then 720 and into the third time around before slamming into the ditch on the other side. But as I’m spinning, as time is slowed down to a crawl, I realize…I am not ready for this car. In just half a year, it had cost me thousands in repairs, insurance and tickets. It had attracted all the wrong types of people, people more interested in money than in me. And…it hadn’t really fixed anything. I was still the same scared, insecure, little person I had been.

Now I will admit, the car was a lot of fun to drive. The fine people in Stuttgart know how to make a machine. So as the car was coming to a rest in what would be a $4,000 lesson, I knew I had to sell the car but I told myself that when I was ready…when I fixed the things inside and didn’t need a car to do it for me, then I would be back behind the wheel of another brand new, cherry-red Porsche.

Well, part of growing older and…kinda wiser is fixing some of those problems but it also means I’m not about to put sixty-grand down on a car. So instead I’m going to invest $6,000 and let that one investment do all the work. In this video, I’ll show you how I plan on doing that, The investment I’m going to use to buy a $65,000 Porsche Boxster for less than a tenth the cost.

And now I know a lot of you out there aren’t investing in bitcoin yet, maybe you’re still skeptical, but hear me out because whether it’s a new Porsche, a house or your kids college tuition YOU need to pay for, what I’m about to say will change the way you think about cryptocurrencies and put you on that path to 10X returns.

We’ll start with why bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, why I’m not worried about a short-term drop or government regulation. Then I’ll reveal bitcoin price predictions from three experts, how much I think bitcoin is worth, and how much to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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We’ll get to those bitcoin price predictions and how this investment pays for your car or house but I know a lot of you are still worried whether this is an investment at all. I mean, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett himself has called bitcoin rat poison squared.

But understand, the same thing was said about stocks, bonds and any investment before it became an accepted asset class. Less than one percent of American households owned stocks before World War I compared to more than 50% today. Even Lincoln had something to say about the stock market!

OK, I don’t know if he really said that but the fact is, despite the skeptics, bitcoin and cryptocurrency has reached a point of critical mass where there’s no going back. Governments can regulate it, hedge funds can try to short it, but it is becoming a part of the economy and a legitimate asset class just like stocks and bonds. JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, one of the most vocal bitcoin critics has called it a fraud, has said it will not survive, last week announced the largest bank in the United States with $3.2 trillion in assets would launch a series of cryptocurrency investment funds.

And two things specifically point to a future for bitcoin as an investment, the idea that it’s reaching that level of critical mass where nothing can stop its development.

First is the rise of bitcoin mining in the U.S. economy. States are scrambling to attract large-scale bitcoin mining companies after begin kicked out of China. Texas, where 36% of the state’s electricity is from renewable sources is aggressively reaching out to build cryptocurrency into the economy. One company alone, BIT Mining, recently invested $26 million into a 57-megawatt data center in Texas, creating hundreds of jobs in the process.

Bitcoin investors are worried about government regulation but Washington creates policies that gets votes…they’re not going to kill an industry that states are actively targeting for growth.

Another reason, and this is going to be critical in the bitcoin price predictions we’ll look at next, cryptocurrencies are about to see a wave of investment dollars from big money players. Fidelity recently ran a survey of 1,800 institutional investors; so these are investment firms like financial advisors, high net worth investors and endowments and this is a $150 trillion industry; more than seven-times the size of the U.S. economy in investable assets. More than 70% of that group reported plans to investing client assets in cryptocurrencies in the ‘near future’ and 90%, so nine-in-ten plan on investing by 2026.

Regulation is the big bogeyman lately. Will Washington pass some kind of law that kills crypto but think about this? Besides the fact that more and more states, and voters, are embracing bitcoin…now you’ve got trillions of rich-people money flowing into crypto, money that pays for election campaigns and isn’t going to let Congress pass anything that that would kill bitcoin.

But of course, the big question is how much is bitcoin worth? How do we get from about $40,000 per bitcoin now to that 10-times return to turn $6,000 into $60,000?

So let’s look at three bitcoin price predictions, each from different analysis, and then I’ll show you how much I’m investing in bitcoin and how much to invest in your portfolio.

3 Bitcoin Price Predictions and How Much to Invest in Each

Our first price estimate is from venture capital investor Tim Draper, who has made billions as an early investor in Twitter, Skype and Tesla, points to the limited supply of bitcoins…there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins max, and says that bitcoin is “sort of like Microsoft in software or Amazon in the e-commerce world” That bitcoin will be the center of financial activity for the next two or three decades and that will drive the price.

In fact, Draper estimates bitcoin could reach $250,000 by the end of next year which would be more than a 5-fold return, and beyond from there.

The big news over the last year for bitcoin’s price has been that momentum for institutional investors in the space as well as companies holding some of their cash reserves in bitcoin.

In fact, ARK estimates that if companies in the S&P 500 allocated just 1% of their cash reserves to Bitcoin, something we’ve already seen from Square, and Tesla, that alone would add another $40,000 to the price of Bitcoin. And a 10% allocation would take it $400,000 higher!

The value of the US dollar against a basket of currencies lost 12% last year and inflation is rising at over 4.5% a year. As more corporations hedge their dollar risk by putting cash reserves in Bitcoin, that alone takes our valuation between $90,000 to $450,000 per Bitcoin.

And that’s just corporate investment. Ark estimates that institutional investment from pension funds, sovereign wealth and private investors could add between $100,000 to half a million more to the price. Here we see just a 1% allocation from high net worth individuals, pension funds and other institutional investors adds $100,000 to the price.

ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood estimates bitcoin could reach $500,000 when all this happens, an increase of more than 10-times on the current price.

One more bitcoin price prediction here, this one from Pantera Capital founder Dan Morehead, who used a data series for the growth of bitcoin usage and found the cryptocurrency could actually reach $700,000 over the next decade, a return of 1500% from the current price.

And there are lots of differences here in the price predictions for bitcoin, but not in the direction. While stocks are historically expensive and bonds pay nothing, the only certainty seems to be that the price of bitcoin WILL go up and could easily return ten-times your money over the next ten years or less.

This is why I don’t think you need to worry about short-term prices in bitcoin. I spent a lot of time studying the daily and monthly price changes when I started investing, trying to analyze bitcoin’s price and wait for the big drops…but looking at this longer-term picture changed the way I invest.

Is bitcoin still risky? You bet your ass and it could drop back down to $30,000 or even $20,000 in the next month…which admittedly would suck and turn the rest of my hair grey. But in five years, even on the low estimates of two-hundred to $400,000 per bitcoin, that current $40,000 price is going to seem like a steal. That’s the kind of profit that turns $6,000 into $60,000 – that turns a down-payment into buying the whole house or paying for college.

Now, I’m not saying put all your money in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. I have about 10% of my total assets in bitcoin and Ethereum but most advisors are saying between one- to three-percent of your money is a good start. I think you can up that to 5% so for example, if you have $10,000 in investments right now, maybe you invest $500 of that into bitcoin.

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