5 Simple Steps to Check your Credit Report

how to check your credit report fast

Use these five steps to check your credit report and help increase your credit score Your credit report is like a photo album of your financial life, a snapshot of your financial past. If you’re like me, you put your financial photo album on the shelf to collect dust just as you do those other … Read more

Beat the Paycheck to Paycheck Curse

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and missing out on the opportunity to make your money work for you? Learn to save money without sacrificing! I can’t save money!! When I talk to people about saving money I almost always get the same response, “I can’t save money now. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and … Read more

Creative Financing with Linda Jenkins

Creative Financing Linda Jenkins

Creative Financing: Tips and Tricks from Author Linda Jenkins Today’s post is an interview with Linda Jenkins, CEO of Gold Alliance Group, a consulting firm for small business owners and others seeking creative financing ideas. She holds a master’s degree in business with experience in architecture and recruiting. She just released the 2nd edition of … Read more

Best Credit Monitoring Services to Stop Identity Theft

free credit monitoring websites for real

There’s no one best credit monitoring service but there are a few that offer some great features to stop identity theft A new case of identity theft happens every two seconds in the United States! That’s more than 40,000 people every day that get their credit hacked. Learn the best credit monitoring services to help … Read more