Tax Deadlines: Important 2016 Tax Dates to Remember

important 2016 tax dates deadlines

Don’t risk income tax penalties, remember these important 2016 tax dates to file your federal income tax return The IRS began accepting individual electronic returns for federal income taxes on January 19th and tax season is in full swing. While most people know the last day they can mail or file their federal income tax … Read more

Are Peer Lending Risks the Wild West of Online Loans?

peer lending risks and opportunity

Is perception of peer lending risks scaring people from the revolution in American finance? The old west analogy is used way too often in my opinion. You don’t have to listen to the news for long before someone makes the comparison between a local neighborhood and the American west of the nineteenth century. So when … Read more

Could Home Buying be the One Bright Spot in 2016?

home buying bright spot 2016

A LendingTree survey of more than 2,000 Americans found a pretty pessimistic view for 2016 but home buying may just be the bright spot Online mortgage leader Lending Tree completed an annual New Year’s Resolutions survey among Americans age 25 and up. Most people reported a pretty dire hindsight on 2015 and the outlook didn’t … Read more

5 Ways a Financial Emergency Can Wipe You Out

worst financial emergency mistakes

Don’t let a financial emergency derail your long-term plans, follow these ideas to avoid falling behind You’ve spent years skimping and saving, investing for the future and learning how to be financially responsible. You work hard at work and even harder on securing a better financial future. Then, the worst happens. A financial emergency strikes … Read more