How to Shop around for the Best Rates on LendingTree

lendingtree review for borrowers

LendingTree review of our refinance and how to use the online loan marketplace to shop around for your next loan LendingTree is one of the oldest online loan marketplaces having launched in 2008 and has recently expanded the loans it offers. We refinanced our home in 2012 through a lender we found on LendingTree so … Read more

Setting Financial Priorities and a Budget You Can Keep

Setting Financial Goals

Setting financial priorities and creating a budget isn’t good enough. You have to be setting realistic financial goals and a budget you can keep. Budgets are like diets. We all know that we need to follow one and we all try from time to time. Unfortunately, we’re about as successful at our budgeting as we … Read more

5 Ways to Find Free Money around the House

ways find free money at home

We all love finding free money and you won’t believe how fast these five ways add up Many of us used to pick up a penny and put it in our shoe for good luck – not for the value of a penny. Most will pick up a quarter found on the ground as free … Read more

5 Best Websites for Cheap Wedding Loans

online options for wedding loans

You don’t have to settle on a budget wedding. Use these websites for wedding loans for your special day. There are few times in life you’ll remember as often as your wedding day. My wife and I had a beautiful wedding but we definitely kept it to a budget wedding. I still regret not spending … Read more

14 Point Checklist for Your Year End Financial Checkup

year end financial checkup checklist

Don’t miss this financial checklist for your year-end financial checkup to get the New Year started right Put down the tinsel and turkey stuffing! The end of the year isn’t just for celebrating but is also a great time to make sure you’re on track to meet your financial goals. Thousands of dollars are lost … Read more

How to Get an Amazing Credit Reference

how to get a credit reference for bad credit

A good credit reference can help you get the money you need even with bad credit People with good credit seem to have everything laid out for them, from easy access to money to low rates on loans. The other 90% of us with less than excellent credit don’t get the same privilege. In fact, … Read more

How to Stop Being Broke During a Crisis

stop being broke by following these helpful steps

You have what it takes to flip the cards to change your current reality for the better. In this post, I’ll highlight the important small steps I took to stop being broke during a crisis. Being broke, especially in the course of a pandemic is absolutely nothing to be happy about. The good news is … Read more

What Can You Do With a 620 Credit Score?

Is 620 FICO Bad Credit

A 620 credit score will lock you out of a lot of opportunities but there are still doors open if you know where to look Questions about credit scores are the most common I get from readers and the 620 credit score seems to be the one where most people get stuck. It’s not quite … Read more

YouDrugStore Review: How I Cut My Prescription Costs in Half

youdrugstore review prices

How I cut my prescription drug costs in half with safe, mail-order prescriptions from YouDrugStore The average American spends more than $1,300 a year–$110 each month– in prescription medication and that stat continues to climb as prescription costs are projected to rise up to 7% each year in the coming years. If you’re living on … Read more