Healthy Living is Frugal Living

healthy living frugal living

Don’t overlook the opportunity to live healthy, happy and save a ton of money with these healthy living tips. Nearly all of my articles will save you money. Hey, I’m the Frugal Grandma – that’s what I do. But I’m especially excited about this one because it may just save your life also. A study … Read more

Travel Hacking Tips for the Frugal Traveler

Travel Hacking for the Frugal Traveler 2015

Taking that next vacation doesn’t have to break your budget. Follow these travel hacking tips for the frugal traveler for travel on the cheap. I love to travel. Whether it´s just visiting friends in another state or headed for another country, there´s nothing like a vacation to get me out of a rut. It’s gotten … Read more

Frugal Ideas to Save Money on Groceries

how to save money on groceries

Save money on groceries with these frugal ideas from the Frugal Grandma The average family spends more than $4,000 a year on groceries and spends nearly $2,700 a year eating out. Combined, food amounts to the third biggest budget expense after housing and transportation. Being frugal at the grocery store can save you a lot … Read more

Can a frugal lifestyle make you happier?

frugal lifestyle how to save money

The frugal lifestyle isn’t about skimping and self-denial. It’s about making your life easier and worrying less about money. Follow these tips to begin your journey. The most common question I get about living a frugal lifestyle is, “does it actually make you happier?” People wonder how denying yourself free spending could lead to anything … Read more

Why I am NOT paying off student loans early

Paying off student loans repayment plans

Paying off student loans early isn’t always the obvious financial decision. Make your own decision on the trade-off between student loan repayment and other goals One of the most popular topics on personal finance blogs is that of paying off student loans, the faster the better. Amazing headlines are made from someone paying of student … Read more

The Secret to Find Cheap Flights for your Vacation

Secrets to Find Cheap Flights

Vacations can get expensive with hotel, food and admissions. Check out these secrets to find cheap flights and take the frugal vacation of your dreams Frugal Grandma decided to take a little vacation, so I began hunting for the best deals on airlines. First I looked through the various cheap flights being offered. They just … Read more

My Favorite Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Frugal Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a day to sacrifice a little for someone that often sacrifices so much for the family, but you don’t have to break the budget. Check out these great frugal Father’s Day gifts. By Frugal Grandma A very special day is almost upon us. A day that shows our love and gratitude for … Read more

Saving Big Money with Homemade Cleaning Creations

Save Money Cleaning Creations

Using homemade creations to clean the house not only will save money cleaning but is a great way to protect the health of your family Sometimes people will ask me if I really save money cleaning by using household items instead of just going out and buying the pre-made store products. They imagine it takes … Read more

PeerStory: Debbie Does Budgeting

PeerStory Budgeting Mistakes

PeerFinance101 is about helping each other out with personal finances. From peer lending to sharing stories about managing debt, investing and anything related to meeting your financial goals. That’s why I’m excited about our first PeerStory. Every week, I am going to post the story of one of our readers. Read the PeerStories and you’ll … Read more