Back-to-School Shopping: Saving Tips That Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

Studies say that the average parent spends $500 per child on school supplies. Get these useful back-to-school shopping saving hacks to help secure all the needed school supplies for your child without hurting your pocket. Back-to-school shopping can be very expensive. Other parents are having a hard time budgeting their cash financials this time of … Read more

4 Steps I Used to Negotiate Debt and Save $6,500

how to negotiate debt fast

Use these four easy steps to negotiate debt and save money with any creditor If you just can’t make your payments, there is a way to cut the amount of debt you owe in half and keep it from destroying your credit. Most people think that debt is a done deal. You borrowed the money, … Read more

15 Surprisingly Easy Loan Tricks to Ditch Debt Fast

easy debt tricks that work

Don’t get caught in the debt trap. Use these easy loan tricks for debt payoff and get back on track. Paying off debts early is one way of saving money. You can devote the money that you save to other more important expenditures (e.g., paying for your wedding). There are lots of reasons why people … Read more

Top 10 Most Common Questions about Debt

most common questions about debt

These 10 responses to readers’ most common questions about debt provide four unique ways to tackle your debt Questions about debt are some of the most often received here at PeerFinance101 – how to get out of debt, which debt should be paid off first, and generally how to manage debt. Instead of rehashing some … Read more

How to Pay Off Debt Fast During a Crisis

Setting S.M.A.R.T financial goals and sticking to a plan are just some of the effective ways on how to pay off debt fast especially at the height of a crisis. In crisis or in financial success, what most people and fellow investors ask is how to pay off debt fast. Debt can result from medical … Read more

Why Debt Free Living is Dangerous

debt free lifestyle mistake

Debt free living could be setting you up for pain Debt free living is popular these days with books like Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps and the allure of a stress-free bank account. I’m all for paying off your debt but there’s something in the debt free lifestyle that could cause you just as much stress … Read more

How to Control Debt when You Don’t Make Enough Money

Debt is Out of Control in America

Take control of debt by with these tips on prioritizing payments, building an emergency fund and avoiding the biggest traps Consumer debt is out of control in America. The Federal Reserve reports that households owe nearly $4.0 trillion, that’s $500 billion more than just before the housing bubble burst when debt burdens pushed the country … Read more

How to Pay off Debt as Fast as Possible [Four Easy Steps]

Four real life stories on debt payoff and four simple steps to pay off debt fast Is there any four-letter word as bad as debt? No other expletive even comes close to the damage that debt can do on your wallet and your psyche. Paying off debt can seem like a life-long goal sometimes, getting … Read more