Esurance Review: How to Find Cheap Car Insurance

Esurance Review

Use this Esurance review to decide if the online insurance carrier is right for your car insurance needs. We highlighted insurance as part of our five-week personal finance fix, looking at how much insurance you really need. Let’s face it, nobody likes having to pay for insurance but we are all extremely happy when we … Read more

How to Start Investing and Why it Can’t Wait!

how to start investing plan

Learn why the ‘how’ of investing is less important than the reasons to start investing now and how an investment plan can help you achieve financial freedom Oh no, another article on why you should start investing! Some do a good job at outlining the reasons but miss one of the most important reasons to … Read more

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Keep your body healthy and save money with these eating healthy tips from the Frugal Grandma Over the last few weeks, I’ve covered how to save money and keep healthy by exercising and seeing the doctor regularly but we’ve yet to talk about the most important way to stay healthy and save money. Check out … Read more

5 Favorite Stock Funds for Any Stock Market

Favorite stock funds for any stock market

One reader shares his favorite stock funds for investing in any stock market and how to balance out your portfolio Today’s post is a PeerStory from Shannon Eding of California. Shannon read an earlier post on investing in Motif funds and wanted to share her experience with the website and her five favorite stock funds. … Read more

Top 10 Investing Basics for New Investors

investing basics new investors

Starting an investment plan doesn’t have to be intimidating if you follow these top ten investing basics for new investors Having worked in investment analysis for nearly a decade, I forget sometimes how intimidating it can be for new investors to get started. Getting started investing is probably the most frequent question I get from … Read more

7 Frugal Budget Cleaning Creations to Save Thousands

frugal budget cleaning creations

Stop spending hundreds on cleaning products with these frugal budget cleaning creations! Laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dishwasher soap and stain removers! The list of cleaning products you buy every month seems to go on forever. The family of four can spend as much as $600 a year to keep things looking spick and span. But … Read more