5 Ways to Make an Extra $1,000 a month in 2017

how to make an extra $1000 a month

Make an extra $1,000 a month with these five business ideas and get closer to financial independence in 2017 I talk a lot about saving and budgeting on my personal finance blog, PeerFinance101. I like to think I’ve heard every budget trick there is to squeeze a few more dollars out of even the tightest … Read more

Best Jobs for People with Felonies

best jobs for people with felonies

How to start a blog and other jobs for people with felonies to make money without the hassles I’ve got a cousin that spent time in prison and have talked to a few other people with felonies. Finding a good paying job as a former inmate is almost impossible. Not only do you have to … Read more

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Count on Retirement

do not count on retirement

Retirement may just be a dream for much of the population but there’s another reason you shouldn’t count on retirement A recent survey of millennials by asset manager Blackrock found that, on average, the group expects to be fully retired at 62 years old and live to nearly 80 years. Life expectancy for millennials is … Read more

10 Ways to Make More Money in a Month

ideas make more money month

It doesn’t have to take years to make more money, try some of these to start seeing more cash in a month First off, it’s not easy to make more money whether it’s in a month or a whole year. If it were then everyone would do it. We highlighted ten ways to make money … Read more

10 Ways to Make Money Fast, Really!


These ten ways to make money fast won’t make you rich but they do work in a week or less The 9-to-5 just isn’t what it used to be. Wages have barely moved since the financial recession and it’s getting tough covering bills even on two full-time jobs. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways … Read more

5 of the Best Money Making Ideas of the Year


Make 2016 the year you reach financial freedom with these best money making ideas of the year These end-of-year roundup posts are some of my favorite every year. It gives me a chance to look back on the most popular money making articles and which really helped people reach their financial goals. I’ve always been … Read more

13 Websites to Make Extra Cash Online


There are a million ways to make extra cash online, some legit and some just plain weird. Check out this five-week series for all your options to make extra money. This is the final post in our 5-week series on ways to make extra cash online. The prior four posts, linked below, are all ways … Read more