Father’s Day is a day to sacrifice a little for someone that often sacrifices so much for the family, but you don’t have to break the budget. Check out these great frugal Father’s Day gifts.

By Frugal Grandma

A very special day is almost upon us. A day that shows our love and gratitude for the man that picks us up when we fall; loves us when we are lonely, makes us laugh when we are sad, and hurts when we hurt. Our father. Of course, we should always tell him how much we care, but this day is set aside just for that special person.

Father’s Day gifts are always a tough decision though. Besides trying to find something from the heart, dads can be notorious for being…price conscious. If your dad is anything like mine was, he’s going to love whatever you get him but he’s also going to wonder how much you spent.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank for that special gift. A little thought ahead of time and a few of the ideas below can make this the best frugal Father’s Day ever!

What to get the frugal father that doesn’t want anything?

Frugal Fathers Day Gift Ideas - No Ties!
Frugal Fathers Day Gift Ideas – No Ties!

While dad may say it’s no big deal and that he doesn’t really want much, he likes getting gifts just as much as anyone. First, decide what kind of gift your father would like. Does he work in an office where he might like a picture to keep him company those long hours? Does he have special hobbies, like golfing, bowling or fishing? Does he read?

Before you plunk down that hard-earned money, sit and think about it for a bit.

Often the best gifts cost very little. They are not fancy tech gadgets or power tools, they’re the things that help you share memories. I found Conversations with My Father on Amazon for $11.66 as a spiral-bound notebook. This is for journaling answers you ask your father about his life as he was growing up. What were his thoughts, dreams and ideas. Sure to spark conversations that will be remembered year after year. There’s plenty of room for writing and adding pictures.

Hand-made gifts are not always as perfectly done as store-bought but will be perfectly appreciated. There are plenty of poems online that you can copy and frame for your father that will tell him how you feel. One of the favorite gifts I received from my son was a poem “What Mom Took” by Judith Bond. I’ve treasured this poem many, many years. Perhaps you can try your hand at your own poetry or just write a letter to your father expressing your feelings.

Depending on the size of your family, getting some alone time with either of your parents can be pretty sporadic. Pick a night that you will take your dad out to a dinner or movie, just the two of you.

I also like Martha Stewart’s Father’s Day Crafts for Kids for ideas that can bring mom and kids together while they make them.

Let’s face it, your dad is probably going to go out and buy that new tech gadget or power tool if he really wants it. Use Fathers’ Day as an opportunity to get him something he can’t buy and bring the family a little closer. Fugal Grandma

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