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[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Data from website Technocrati shows that 95% of the 1.5 million new blogs created every month don’t make it six months. Yep, that’s 95 out of 100 bloggers that stop updating their website in just six months on the web. It’s easy to throw a site up on the web, post a few articles and hope people click through…the reality is something entirely different.

But learn the tricks of the trade and you can make a LOT of money blogging. I’ve run my own blogs for less than two years and make thousands a month for part-time effort. I know other bloggers that have run their sites for less than five years and make over $100,000 a year!

I spent years learning about blogging before launching my own sites, time spent learning what it takes to really be successful. When I finally did start my own blogs, my monthly income was higher than 80% of bloggers in less than a year and my sites were seeing tens of thousands of new visitors each month.

Sharing what I’ve learned won’t just make you a profitable blogger but it will make the whole blogging community stronger. That’s good for both of us.

I want to share this six-month blogging cheat sheet with you, the exact process I used to successfully launch five blogs. You’ll learn everything from how to get Google’s attention for your blog to the four ways to make money blogging…I’ll even show you how to get your blog set up for FREE.[/text_block]

Lisa Imogen Eldridge

Lisa Imogen Eldridge, Girl about the Globe travel blog

Joseph is such a star! He is constantly giving me great advice on how to grow my blog. Since I met him my traffic has increased considerably. His desire to constantly learn and pass on the information has been so valuable. Thanks!

Ruth Vahle

Ruth Vahle, Nomad Finance 101

Joseph has tremendous knowledge about growing a blog and making money online, and he can explain it really well. Especially his advice for social media and ebook marketing has been very helpful for me.

[text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]This isn’t some weak checklist of ideas but a complete guide on getting your blog started and how to make money blogging.

  • How to get your blog set up without a bunch of computer skills and a special offer to get your blog started for FREE
  • The truth about social media and how to really find visitors for your blog
  • The four ways to make money blogging and how to start now
  • The 3 blogging tricks nobody is using, including one that I used to increase traffic by 246%


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Joseph Hogue, CFA

I’ve been writing for blogs and freelancing since 2011 and put off creating my own blogs for a long time. I knew the pitfalls and reality of making money blogging and learned everything I could before launching my own sites. I now own five websites and make thousands each month just from part-time blogging. I love the financial freedom and the ownership of online assets that will grow over time. You can create lasting wealth with blogging but you need to know the secrets that most spend years learning.

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