How to Get Audio Books for Free (Free Audible Books Code)

How do you get audiobooks for free, cut the time you need to read and reach your goals?

In this video, I’m sharing a free code for audible books and exactly how you set up the Audible app for easy listening. This setup is how I read at least three books a month, and I’ve got a secret that will speed up your reading.

Why Audiobooks are on the Rise

Audiobook listening is on the rise, and for a good reason. It’s one of the greatest gifts to lifelong learners, and the fastest-growing segments of the publishing world as more and more readers tune in while reading with their ears. While paperback books have existed since time immemorial, it was not until the past decade that we could listen to books at any moment in time while multitasking. Likewise, it wasn’t until recently that a wide variety of books were available on audio and played with a single click.

There are many audiobook platforms to choose from. Having audiobooks has been such a convenient alternative to old-fashioned reading. You can listen to the latest bestseller while doing the laundry or driving your car. Audiobook listening is excellent because it offers the comfort of reading into the “in-between” moments in your day when you would otherwise have to set your book down. Also, one of the best things about it is that they help encourage people to read more no matter how busy they can be.

Why I Listen to Audiobooks on Audible

So we ran a graphic of millionaire habits in the community tab a few weeks ago, and no surprise, topping the list is reading. You see this on all those millionaire lists, right?

Research by Thomas Crowley found that 85% of self-made millionaires read two or more books a month. That’s not only reading how-to books on business but biographies, self-improvement, and even leisure reading. For example, billionaire Mark Cuban schedules three hours a day for reading, and Bill Gates reads 50 books a year.

But I got a lot of comments and feedback on the post. The tragic fact is, who has the time to do all that reading? Eight hours of work, an hour of commute, and all the little things add up. So how do you find the time to read every day.

Well, you already know the answer is audiobooks, and I’m going to show you how to get free audiobooks to find that time for reading.

I studied for the Chartered Financial Analyst exams through audiobooks. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. Working full-time plus a side job, there’s no way I could have read for the three separate exams, each with 1,200 plus pages of the curriculum without audiobooks.

I’ve since put audiobooks on my weekly schedule for not just information and learning but motivation and entertainment. Many of these books are read by professional actors, so it’s like getting a movie.

The Legit Way to Get Free Audiobooks

Now there are some illegal ways to get free audiobooks, but that would get my ass in hot water here on YouTube, and a lot of them come with viruses and malware to steal your personal information. So instead, I’m going to show you how to get free audiobooks on Audible, the largest audiobook platform, plus how to get a massive discount after your free books.

I’ll also be linking a free audible code in the video description below to one of the ten audiobooks I’ve created or any book you want to download. Using one of those links signs you up for the free trial on Audible gets you a free book and two audible originals.

Click this link to get your free coupon code for a book on Audible.

How the Audible Coupon Code Works

These books are free to keep in the Audible App forever whether you use Audible or not. After your trial, you get a free book credit and two more monthly originals. You’ll also get a 30% discount on any other audiobooks you want to hear. After the trial, it’s just $14.95 a month, so easily worth it with that free book and discount.

I listen to at least three books a month on Audible and pay under $10 on top of the subscription. That’s three books I can listen to during the commute or where ever I’m at. You can swap out your books anytime for free if you don’t like them. You can swap out your free trial book to get two for free during that trial month. If you cancel your Audible membership, all the books in your App library are yours to keep forever.

I’m going to show you how to set up your Audible account. I’ve also got an audible listening trick to help you get through even more books.

When you’re in the app, you can set the playback speed at 1.5 or even 2-times speed. Most of the narrators read at a slower pace than you can hear and comprehend, so I usually bump mine up to 1.5-times speed and can get through a book within a couple of days.

I’ve narrated all my books but I wanted to highlight a couple here that are important for what we talk about on the channel. Understand, clicking through the Audible code in the description below doesn’t mean you have to get one of these as your free book. They’re some great options for investing, making money, and starting a business, but you can click through the links and get any book you like. If you decide to use your free trial to get one of my audiobooks, email me or comment, and I’ll send you the pdf copy to read along for free.

Audible Free Coupon Code
How to Get an Audible Free Coupon Code

My Books on Audible

Make Money Blogging is my most popular book and details the nine income sources I use to make over $10,000 a month through online assets. From getting sponsorships to affiliate marketing and membership sites, I show you how to get started and reveal how much you can make.

Click to get Make Money Blogging, free on Audible

Step-by-Step Dividend Investing was probably the book I most enjoyed writing. Everyone in the community knows I’m a big believer in dividends, and this book covers stocks, real estate investment trusts, and MLPs for cash flow investing.

Click to Get Step-by-Step Dividend Investing, free on Audible

In the Passive Income Myth, I bust the popular myths of passive income in four strategies, from blogging to real estate investing, stocks and bonds. I show you what it takes to make money in these strategies and rank each on true passive income potential.

Click to Get The Passive Income Myth, free on Audible.

Getting your free book on Audible takes less than two minutes. You can click through one coupon code link below to start a free trial and pick any text you like. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you’ll create one with an email and make your Audible account. You’ll be able to get your free book immediately and then another free book every month with the membership.

Another secret to getting free audiobooks is to use free online platforms like Vimeo and Youtube to listen to the videos. I’ve organized all my videos into playlists of four to six videos which usually means about an hour of free audio within a specific topic like investing or making more money.

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