How Can Lazy Teenagers Make Money Online?

Wonder how lazy teenagers make money these days? Of course, that’s possible.

Making money online has become in demand these days that it has even caught the interest of the teens, even lazy teenagers. Whether you admit it or not, everybody needs to make extra cash. Good thing there are ways to bring in income online that were not available before. And even lazy teenagers make money as long as they have the skills and the diligence to do so.

Thanks to the internet, lazy teenagers make money now not only from doing part-time jobs and errands or babysitting. There are more ways than before to generate income as a teen. You can begin an online business or freelance on the various job sites to acquire knowledge on a certain field while taking up tertiary education. So, if you are the teenager who leans more on the inactive side of the compass, here are some online jobs suited for you.

lazy teenagers make money online through these gigs

Make Money from Your Daily Activities

Do you know that even lazy teenagers can make extra cash online? From browsing the web to watching videos or just simply playing video games, you can actually make money. Believe it or not, pays teens for easypeasy activities like searching the web with their search engine or answering and paid online surveys. This is a legit website that pays out cash and gives free gift cards to everyday users.

If you are 13 years old or older, you are already allowed to create a free account at Swagbucks, be one of the lazy teenagers make money by earning points completing surveys. You will share your opinions and answer surveys to help their business, and you will be paid in cash or vouchers. Sometimes, it may not promise a big payout but you earn points from completing short surveys all from the comforts of your home. After creating an account, you can now begin getting points.

Get Paid Through Legit Paying Apps

lazy teenagers make money online through apps

If you love listening to new bands and songs, well, Music Xray might be the right catch for a youngster like you. If you’re wondering how it works, the site sends new music to your inbox and you will by listening to its songs, you get paid. You can skip those that you are not interested to and still get your cash. You can also share the songs with your friends to support the artist.

First you have to sign up for your Music Xray account by clicking to the fan type of the account. Then, you have to connect it to your Facebook account and select the type of music you love. After selecting the type of music, list your favorite artists and save it. As soon as you’ve completed your fan match profile, go to the fan match inbox to check if there’s a new song offered. When you’re done listening to the song, a green dialog box will appears signaling that Music Xray has added some cents to your account. It’s really a great website where lazy teenagers can make money.

Share Your Opinions and Earn Money

Did you know that big time companies like Nike for example loves to receive some feedback from their customers regarding what motivates them to buy their products? They have already spent billions of dollars hiring researchers to listen to the wants and feedback of the people about their products. They are interested in listening to the younger group since they are highly potential customers. And by that, this becomes one of the ways lazy teenagers make money.

Lazy teenagers make money with Survey Junkie by detailing their fresh and up to date opinions on food, fashion and technology. The questions on the survey are simple and easy to answer that even the new teenagers can make a few bucks and start saving up so they can buy their school needs and extra wants without having to ask their parents.

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Earn Points at InstaGC

Another one is InstaGC. It is a site where lazy teenagers make money by watching videos and software. For each task, you will be earning points. It would be a cent per one point. Every task is worth can be worth 10-100 points. When you already saved 100 points or more, you can cash out using PayPal or a Visa debit card.

Meanwhile, a lot of people still question if it really is true. Well, it is, and there are different ways to earn points. If you have ran out of surveys, you can go and watch videos instead. If it happens that don’t have any more videos to watch, you can go test some apps. You can acquire points for things you do online and it is one of the easy ways that lazy teenagers make money online.

Sell Your Old Stuff at Poshmark or eBay

As a teenager, you can start selling used clothing as well to make money! When you got old stuff that you no longer use, you can start selling them or can sell other things bought from thrift stores. Set the price and upload at Poshmark. It’s an online platform that sells used clothes and accessories. What’s good about Poshmark is that you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want and have it deposited directly to your bank account.

On the other hand, you can sell almost anything on eBay. You can start selling clothes, books, old toys and all other things that can still be used that’s also interesting. Shop from garage sales and thrift stores and hunt for stuff that you can you can resell and have your price. There’s a ready option for shipping costs or you can set your own. eBay takes a cut on each sale and you will be presented with ways you can be paid for each successful transaction. Selling unused things is another way lazy teenagers make money and once you’ve finally settled, you will soon earn more.

Start Your YouTube Channel

Lazy teenagers make money from creating amazing videos that attracts the attention of viewers. You can monetize your YouTube channel with Google Adsense. It means that you can earn dollars from the ads of your videos. There may be a lot of video creators out there but don’t be discouraged because your video can still rank. As long as it’s interesting and gives value, people will watch it. A lot of YouTube top earners today started out as ordinary people but they went for it and have been consistent since.

There are various topics on YouTube that seem to catch the viewers interest in an instant. One of those is the videos about unboxing shopping finds. It’s done by taking a video of you opening what you have bought and giving your honest opinion about the product or rating it as you like. Select the relevant category suitable for your niche or products and the great thing is it’s totally free. Being a YouTube partner can be highly profitable in the long run. My pro tip is, you should be consistent on creating and uploading your videos every week until it gains traction and great viewership.

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See, lazy teenagers make money online. Well, lazy or not, everything is possible and you can actually earn money using your laptop and the internet. There are plenty of ways you can earn money regardless of your age. The most important thing is you have the traits that make up a successful person earning in a noble way. Be patient and master some skills, work it up and for sure, it will be paid off in time. At this age, you can earn money online no matter what age when you know how to use the tech.

Truly, there are a lot of ways lazy teenagers make money as long as you are determined and is up for the challenge. If you want to earn money online, you may follow those that are listed above. Good luck!

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