From Fame to Infamy: Notorious Crimes of Beloved Celebrities

We all know celebrities for their silver-screen performances and their larger-than-life personas. But we don't always realize that some famous faces have been involved in shockingly horrific acts of crime. From serious misconduct to premeditated murder, these are the stories of thirteen particularly infamous celebrity criminals whose shocking misdeeds created a media sensation.

1. Mark Wahlberg

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One user commented, “Mark Wahlberg, lol.”

Another Redditor replied, “Honestly, it disgusts me every time. I wonder how that man still has a career.”

A user added, “It’s mystifying how the general public doesn’t realize. I’m guessing a lot of PR + white/male privilege from the media (Winona’s reputation was tarnished for shoplifting, etc.).” 

“Don't forget how Redditors rush to defend him every time he's brought up in these ‘What are the most awful celebrities?' AskReddit threads they have every single day. He's white and is in movies they like, so he's absolved immediately of everything. The posts are usually the same pathetic Reddit defense, like: ‘Yes, he was a literal neonazi who has maimed people for life, but I'm sure Mark has changed and has to live with his past actions.'” another user responded. 

One commenter replied, “One of his victims has ‘forgiven' him, so people use that to defend him and say he’s reformed. When, in truth, the victim could have forgiven him and moved on with their lives. They never said they excused his behavior.”

One of the users posted, “Here’s a snippet from an article: ‘In 1986, a then 15-year-old Wahlberg and three friends were charged with chasing three black children and pelting them with rocks while yelling [racist slurs] until an ambulance driver intervened.' There’s more outlined in this article.”

One user also added, “To add to this: only [apologized] so he could get his conviction pardoned so that he could get a liquor license for his restaurant—felons can’t have liquor licenses.” 

2. Bella Hadid

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One user posted, “Bella Hadid.”

Another commenter asked, “What did she do?”

“She had a DUI that she blamed on her Chronic Lyme IIRC,” one Redditor added.

Another commented, “Yeah, and she was 17 at the time—the leaked email her mom Yolanda sent to Bella regarding the DUI & her dirty/messy car lives in my head rent-free.” 

3. Ian Watkins

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One Redditor commented, “Not a widely known celebrity but used to be quite famous back in the day: Ian Watkins, lead singer of LostProphets. Imo he’s the worst one; no one else compares to his crimes.”

One user added, “I cannot urge anyone and everyone enough NOT to read the details of this. An absolute monster of the lowest form.”

Another user replied, “For real, that man is legit a monster; the details really do just get worse and worse the more you read; it’s flabbergasting. Sent chills down my spine when I remembered LP being on the Warped Tour lineup the very first year I went as a tween.”

One commenter shared, “I used to be a true crime writer and have had to read the absolute goriest, most horrific things you could imagine, and the Ian Watkins court transcripts were the worst thing I've ever read—and I didn't even make it past the first page!”

4. Reese Witherspoon

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One user posted, “Reese Witherspoon being arrested for disorderly conduct and pulling the whole ‘Do you know who I am?’ with the cops.”

Another user commented, “I don’t know how she’s still considered ‘America’s Sweetheart' after that. Props to her PR team, I guess.”

One commenter replied, “Every Karen thinks of herself as ‘America's Sweetheart,' so it tracks.”

Another user shared, “This one lives rent-free in my mind. I love that video, lol.”

One user concluded, “American citizen, Reese Witherspoon.”

5. Travis Scott

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One Redditor posted, “Travis Scott's Astroworld tragedy changed people's focus by showing the drama of Kanye, Kim, and Pete. So many people died, and he got away from a lot of attention and bad PR. I think he's touring or something nowadays.”

Another user added, “While he is still touring, he's facing multiple lawsuits, and I think people need to understand that the legal system takes time when they say that he got away with it.”

One user replied, “I believe the lawsuits were filed in civil court, so unfortunately, he has a loophole in saying he hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. But hopefully, the civil suit will pave the way for him being charged in the future because he was definitely liable for what happened at Astroworld.”

Another commenter exclaimed, “He should have been banned from touring at all. He had similar incidents in the past and was warned along with his team about the concert and how dangerous it was so many times. They went ahead and did it anyway, and he fueled the fire at the concert afterward. He was terrible and deserves at least some jail time. I feel disgusted whenever I hear about him. He also seemed remorseless. I watched Martin Garrix's vlogs, and he almost had to stop a concert over such an issue with his recent shows in Latin America because the crowd was slowly starting to crush itself.”

6. Tim Allen

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One Redditor shared, “Tim Allen was busted with [possession of drugs] in the 70's…2 years in jail.”

“That's because he snitched on literally everybody,” one user answered. 

Another user replied, “I always post this, but the craziest thing about that is that he didn't get arrested at an airport because he was transporting it via plane; he was arrested there because he had arranged the drug deal to take place at the airport. Who does a drug deal at an airport!?”

7. Allison Mack

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One user shared, “Allison Mack and the s** cult NXIVM.”

“Omg apparently she’s in prison!! I’m actually surprised she wasn’t just let off with a slap on the wrist with the amount of money and vaguely influential people involved; that sounds like some… some high stakes scumbag NYC lawyer might be able to buy you out of,” another user replied.

One user added, “That is a slap on the wrist. The leader of the cult will spend the rest of his life in prison.”

One user also responded, “In fairness, Allison Mack was one of 8 ‘first line' DOS members. Lauren Salzman was also charged and given probation, but six women who committed the same crimes weren't charged at all. Nicki Clyne is out culting around the US as a free woman despite being an illegal immigrant who committed immigration fraud. The woman who did the branding is free. The only [NXIVM] members who got higher sentences than Allison Mack were Raniere, Claire Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman. Mack's celebrity probably made her seem disproportionately culpable.” 

8. Ezra Miller

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One Redditor commented, “Ezra Miller.”

Another user added, “Lawd, that child needs help.”

9. Martha Stewart

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

One user commented, “Martha Stewart.”

Another user replied, “I love how after prison her and Snoop became best friends. Such a humble ending.”

Another user added, “It really is endearing.”

10. Shakira

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

“Shakira, Shakira,” one Redditor shared.

Another Redditor asked, “What was her crime? Am OOTL.”

Another commenter answered, “Tax Evasion.”

One user added, “Good old tax evasion.”

11. Errol Flynn

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

One user replied, “Yuck. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Another guy to add to the statutory [s**ual assault] list. And another addition to the ‘women and girls are lying' scorecard…”

12. Vince Neil

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One Redditor commented, “Vince Neil. He was measured at having a blood alcohol level (at time of testing) of .17 after getting into a high-speed accident that killed the passenger of his car and severely injured the people in the other car in the accident (both had severe injuries and brain damage). He had to do community service, pay over $2 million in damages and spent a little over two weeks in jail for this.” 

13. Jimmy Saville

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One user commented, “Anybody mention Jimmy Saville yet? (TW if you decide to Google).”

The OP replied, “I’m in the States, so I wasn't super familiar with this guy. Watched the Netflix documentary on him, and he was a genuine monster.”

Another added, “Absolutely vile. And he was so incredibly well-connected he was basically untouchable. Those kids were failed by everybody.”

Do you agree with the names listed in this article? Share us your thoughts and leave your comments! 

Source: Reddit.

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