These five places to find love will help fill the gap of social exchange when you work from home

Working from home is the best thing to happen to me but I will admit, I miss not having office coworkers. It can be even more difficult for single people working from home because your options for meeting people is severely limited.

But there is an upside to working from home that can help you find love.

Working from home means you’ll probably need to seek out more social groups than you might otherwise. Traditional office workers might get all the social interaction they need from coworkers or with a few drinks after work.

Working from home, you’ll need to find your own groups to fill the need for community.

Maybe I’m a little biased but working from home makes you more interesting as well. You’re not just a communications specialist for a faceless corporation, you’re the CEO and every other role of your own business.

Being successful with your work from home business also means you’ll build the confidence many people will never know. You’ll have followed your passion to build something from scratch…that’s a pretty cool story.

But you’ll still have the problem of Where to meet other people. There will be no invites after work from coworkers and no business meetings or conventions. You’ll have to find love and social interactions on your own.

Here’s five places to meet people to get you started.

5 Places to Meet People When You Work from Home

Meeting people when you work from home doesn’t have to be stressful or a chore. Approach it as a way just to get out of the house and have fun first. Try not to think of people for their potential to be life partners but just as friends first. You’ll make a lot of great connections and it won’t be long before one of them becomes more than a friend.

  1. places to find love work from homeBusiness Networking Groups – Besides no coworkers, working from home can mean fewer business connections as well. Become a member of at least one local professional group either related to your industry or just for general professionals. The upside to finding a partner here is that you’ll share a passion for what you do.
  2. Sports leagues – Even traditional office workers need to get in a league whether it’s softball, bowling or just about any sport. You’ll meet people on the field and afterward through the team.
  3. Online Dating – Finding love online isn’t just for shy guys and mail-order brides anymore. The technology for online matching has really progressed and eHarmony reports 438 people marry every day as a result of finding someone on the site. Check out this eHarmony review and how to make online dating work for you.
  4. Take a class – With the progress in online learning, it’s easy to overlook traditional classroom courses as a solution to anything. Check out the course schedule at your local community college. You don’t have to take something related to work, what about a cooking class or something else you always wanted to learn.
  5. Everyday places like the Grocery Store – Having less opportunities to meet people through work may mean you’ll need to be more forward in other scenarios. You don’t have to sweep someone off their feet at the grocery store with words straight from Cyrano de Bergerac. Make it a little cheesy and compliment someone on their melons…the ones in their shopping cart. If nothing else, frozen peas for your black eye are just a few aisles away.

Working in a traditional office and still looking for love? Being surrounded by coworkers all day seems like it should make dating easier…but no. Don’t lose your job and your love life, check out this guide to workplace relationships.

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to be a billionaire hermit. It can get lonely in your home office everyday but you can have a normal social life if you put a little more effort into meeting people. Try meeting people casually at first and you might soon find the love of your life where you least expect it.

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