Side Hustle Story: How I Made $4,000

side hustle success

One reader shares his PeerStory and experience making big money through a four-month side hustle plan. Today’s PeerStory is from Nelson Granger and a perfect wrap to our five-week series on making extra money online. Nelson wrote in after he read the first two week’s posts on the site about How to Make Money Writing … Read more

5 of the Best Investing Tips of the Year

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Don’t miss the five best investing tips of the year from FinanceQuickFix to start your year off right! This is my favorite time of year. Besides the eggnog and mistletoe, I love to look back and see which investing tips and articles were most popular with readers. It helps me see what investing tips and … Read more

Three Critical Year End Tax Planning Moves

Year end tax planning

Don’t miss your chance to save money on taxes with this year-end tax planning checklist. The end of the year is approaching, and it’s time to make those last-minute changes to save money on taxes. While tax planning should run throughout the year, there are still some powerful moves you can make in your year-end … Read more

Forget Peer Lending, Get Crowdfunding Instead!

Crowdfunding can be a great alternative to a peer loan for people that need money for a project or business idea. Peer lending has had a record year and is on its way to becoming a mainstream form of financing for many Americans. Interest rates have come down, making it possible for many to escape … Read more