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These tools will not only boost your website traffic but will get you the traffic that converts to sales!

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″]Four packages for every level of website to boost your traffic and build authority to get the Google love you deserve![/text_block]
  • Not just an SEO service but a partner in your website’s growth, by designing a strategy that will make your site successful.
  • Start improving your Google search rankings fast for targeted keywords and topics, even on new sites.
  • Build real authority in a topic so you can start ranking for even the most competitive keywords.
  • Dominate targeted keywords in your topic to create recurring monthly traffic to your money posts.

Daniel Kopp, Capt USAF

Joseph Hogue, huge thank you! These techniques led to my blog being discovered and quoted in more than 13 newspapers including USA Today and Stars and Stripes. Saw my web traffic soar as a result and raised my profile considerably.

Daniel Kopp, Capt USAF, Military Blogger

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]After years of helping other bloggers and websites, I created my own blogs in 2014 and started talking to other bloggers about how they were building their Google search traffic. I had noticed most of my traffic was coming from Google and wanted to know how I could do even better.

Asking other bloggers what they were doing to improve their search rankings, the answer was an almost unanimous…”I really haven’t done anything.”

I’ve asked this question repeatedly at conferences since and the answer is always the same. Bloggers spend all their time writing and on social media marketing, completely ignoring search engine optimization (SEO).

This is all despite the fact that search traffic is the second-highest source for most sites, only after direct traffic, and accounts for more than half of earnings. Search traffic accounted for an average of 33% of site visitors in a survey by HubSpot, nearly ten-times as much as social media traffic for the average website.[/text_block]

What really got my attention though was another survey by BrightEdge that showed website sales by traffic source. Search traffic accounts for between 40% to 55% of total sales!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Thinking about my blogs’ search traffic and rankings, this was an aha-moment. Here is a traffic source that accounts for most of my visitors and sales. It’s also a source that is robust, rankings are consistent so they send traffic my way every month without having to do anything.

…And most other bloggers are doing very little to compete! That means with a little work, I can dominate search rankings for topics I want and get all the free traffic I need from Google.

I learned everything I could about SEO and content marketing. I followed SEO bloggers, tested my own ideas and focused on boosting my search rankings…and it paid off BIG TIME!

I grew traffic to one site by 1,390% in one year and tripled my income from affiliates and products.

I was invited to speak at a financial bloggers conference this year about my expertise, how to dominate Google search to boost traffic, and I thought, “Why not offer that same experience to other bloggers?”

We’re not talking about the kind of spammy SEO, blog-building services you see on Fiverr. Check out the packages below and you’ll see what I mean. I want to work with you on the same SEO tools and content strategies I use on my own sites.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Want to boost your search traffic and drive massive sales for your website? Here’s how it works:

  1. Check out one of the four monthly plans below. Each higher plan includes everything in the previous plans and I can work with you to customize a plan.
  2. We arrange a phone conversation to build an initial strategy around your plan.
  3. My team and I get to work implementing a strategy that WILL boost your search traffic.

I’ve created separate articles for most of the tasks in each package to show you exactly what you’ll get and how it will grow your search traffic.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]$500 Starter Package (30% discount to $350) – Get started with the keys to implement your own strategy and grow your blog over time.

  • SEO Audit – You’ll be amazed at how your blog is holding you back from more Google traffic! You’ll get a complete audit of your posts, inbound links, page rankings and keywords you can use as a goldmine to improve existing posts.
  • Keyword Research – Ever wonder how other blogs are getting so much more traffic? I’ll tell you exactly how with deep competitor research. You’ll get a list of keywords you can rank for that will increase traffic immediately. Besides general topic keywords, I’ll find the best keywords related to your affiliates and products to drive visitors ready to buy.
  • Target Outreach List – A good outreach list is like gold for increasing blog traffic. I’ll research up to 100 bloggers in your niche and provide you a list of emails and social media contacts to start making the connections that lead to easy links.
  • Overall Strategy Consultation – A 45-minute strategy session where I walk you through the outreach and SEO tactics that will boost your blog. We’ll talk through my favorite strategies for getting Google love, all customized for your blog.


$1,000 SEO Jumpstart (25% discount to $750) – Get a professional jumpstart to building those Google rankings and cut the time it takes to increase your blog traffic.

  • Guest Posting Scheduling – I’ll personally reach out to your blogger outreach list, start that relationship process and get you guest posts opportunities. I get between 15% and 25% response on guest post proposals. That translates to big opportunities to increase search rankings and drive traffic back to your blog.
  • Blogger Outreach Link-Building – I’ll continue to build those relationships with the bloggers in your target outreach list with link-building emails that get results. You’ll start getting links to your most important posts and your search rankings will show it!
  • Podcast Outreach for Interviews – Podcast interviews are some of the easiest links you can get and a great way to build your reputation in a topic. I’ll reach out to podcasters within your niche to book you on interviews to reach a whole new audience.
  • Plus SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Target Outreach List and Strategy Consultation


$2,000 SEO Rank Building (Discounted to $1,500!) – Build your authority on Google for key pages to drive traffic and make more money.

  • Complete SEO Process on One Post – After a strategy session on a link-worthy post idea, I’ll write up a detailed and SEO-optimized article including targeting a keyword that converts. I’ll then work my promotion magic through social media and to other bloggers to drive quality traffic to the post.
  • Infographic Creation and Promotion – I’ll work with you to create an infographic that earns links and viral sharing. The graphic can be for a new post or to boost an existing article. After publication, I’ll promote it out to other bloggers and infographic sharing sites.
  • Plus SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Target Outreach List and Strategy Consultation, Blogger Outreach Link-Building, Podcast Outreach


$6,000 Two-Month Google Dominance (Discounted to $5,000) – Dominate the keywords in your primary topic to create sustainable traffic to your money posts. This is a two-month plan.

  • Broken Link-Building on One Post – This is by far my favorite link-building, search-boosting technique but it takes so much time. I’ll scour the internet for broken links to pages similar to an important post on your site. I’ll then reach out to the bloggers and sites to get those aged, quality links pointed to your site instead of the broken page. Just one broken link-building campaign can take a week of research but it’s easily the most effective way to build links and rank authority for your posts.
  • Roundup Post Creation and Promotion – Roundup posts are a great way to build a rapport with other bloggers and create that relationship that gets lots of links. Roundup posts themselves often rank as one of the strongest pages on a blog because of their popularity and social sharing. I’ll reach out to bloggers on your outreach list to create a shareable, link-worthy roundup post.
  • Plus SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Target Outreach List and Strategy Consultation, Blogger Outreach Link-Building, Podcast Outreach, Complete SEO process on One Post, Infographic Creation and Promotion


SEO Starter Package
$350Limited Time – 30% Discount from $500

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    Goal is to give you the keys to implement your own strategy and grow your blog over time.

    • SEO Audit
    • Keyword Research
    • Target Outreach List
    • Overall Strategy Consultation

    SEO Rank Building Package
    $1,50025% Discount from $2,000

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      Goal is to build your authority on Google for key pages to drive traffic and make more money.

      • Complete SEO Process on One Post
      • Infographic Creation and Promotion
      • Plus SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Target Outreach List and Strategy Consultation, Blogger Outreach Link-Building, Podcast Outreach

      Two-Month Google Domination Package
      $5,00017% Discount from $6,000

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        Goal is to dominate a few keywords in your primary topic to create sustainable traffic to your money posts. This is a two-month plan.

        • Broken Link-Building on One Post
        • Roundup Post Creation and Promotion
        • Plus SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Target Outreach List and Strategy Consultation, Blogger Outreach Link-Building, Podcast Outreach, Complete SEO process on One Post, Infographic Creation and Promotion

        [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Individual Services Available

        • Google Penalty Recovery ($750) – Did your search traffic take a dive? Are your search rankings growing like they should? Your blog might be hit with a Google Penalty. I’ll do a complete SEO audit including inbound and outbound links. Includes disavow file creation, reputation management and recovery strategy.
        • Scholarship Outreach ($350) – Google loves .edu and .gov links and this strategy gets me dozens of links to my blogs. I’ll outreach to scholarship linking pages on .edu and .gov websites for link-building to your scholarship page.
        • Blogger Outreach ($350) – Content promotion and social outreach to bloggers in your target list to put you on their radar and get links.
        • Broken Link-Building per Post ($500) – I’ll research broken link opportunities and outreach to bloggers to get quality, aged links with Google authority.
        • Infographic Creation and Promotion ($350) – Creation of a visually stunning infographic for an existing post and promotion of the graphic to boost search rankings.
        • Internal Linking Review and Revision ($350) – Review of your internal link structure and strategy to create a better user experience as well as spread Google rankings across more pages.
        • Complete SEO Process per Post ($500) – Content strategy and creation, promotion across social media and link-building to instantly earn Google traffic.
        • Podcast Interview Scheduling ($250) – Outreach to popular podcasters in your topic to schedule interviews that bring new visitors and traffic-boosting links.
        • Guest Post Writing ($150) – Creation of SEO-optimized content between 750 – 1,000 words you can use for guest posts on other blogs or on your own site.

        All three-month packages or more come with a monthly tracking report for backlinks, keyword rankings, and page rankings.[/text_block]

        [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Why You Absolutely MUST Have an SEO Strategy for Your Website

        I get it. A quality SEO strategy is hard. It takes time and you don’t see an immediate payoff like spending time boosting your site on social media.

        But if you really want to grow traffic to your site, I mean quality traffic that converts and comes back every month, you have to do it through building your search rankings.

        All the other sources of website traffic; direct, social, all the rest take constant work to maintain. Build your site’s authority on Google and other search engines and you’ll see consistent traffic even if you take a break for a while.

        One of my best performing posts gets more than 10,000 visitors from search every month, more than three-quarters its total traffic, and I haven’t done anything with the post in more than a year.

        seo traffic for blog page

        I make thousands a month on this post, all because I put in the time to build a solid SEO strategy around it.

        I didn’t grow traffic to this post through spammy web directories or leaving comments on other blogs or forums. All those SEO gimmicks you find on Fiverr or Upwork are worthless at best and can get your site penalized by Google.

        I grew this post with quality content marketing, blogger outreach and link-building…the only proven and safe way to grow search traffic.

        I can do the same thing for your website, help you build an SEO strategy that translates to higher search rankings and booming traffic![/text_block]

        [text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

        How to Choose an SEO Plan Perfect for Your Site

        Designing the four SEO packages, I wanted to do two things: make them affordable for any size website and make them successive so each one adds some great services to the list. That means, you get exactly the level of traffic-boosting help you need without having to pay for things you don’t.

        • Bloggers on a limited budget can get off to a great start with the Starter Package, uncovering the fastest and easiest opportunities to improve your website. You’ll also get a target outreach list and SEO strategy to promote your site and grow traffic. Click to Get Started on the Starter SEO Package Today!
        • For those that don’t want to wait to boost their blog traffic, the SEO Jumpstart Plan will put my team to work creating those relationships that matter. You’ll get invited to podcasts and guest posts that will increase your authority and draw waves of readers. Click to Get Started with  the Jumpstart Plan Today!
        • Bloggers that are serious about building their website into a money-making machine will want to select the Rank-Building Plan. This plan goes beyond general site building and strategy to start boosting individual pages on Google to target affiliates or your own product sales. Click to Get Started with Your Rank-Building Plan Today!
        • Want a longer-term partner to help your blog dominate Google in your niche? The Google Domination Plan is a two-month strategy that combines two of my favorite tools to build huge authority. Click to Get Started with the Google Domination Plan Today!


        About Me

        Joseph Hogue

        I created my first two blogs in 2014 after years of freelancing as a writer and content strategist. I now run five blogs that average over $6,000 a month in revenue. An Iowa native and veteran of the Marine Corps, my work ethic is my most valuable trait and I love building online businesses.

        I believe it’s only through helping each other, partnering together to grow our businesses, that the blogger community can compete against the large, established corporate websites.

        What are You Waiting For? Let’s Get Started!

        Sign up for one of the service plans above or contact me with any questions. Email at or call 347-305-0126