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Just a quick video today, a very special video announcing something I think is going to help a lot of you.

Reserve Your Seat for the Side Hustle Summit

You know I’m all about the side hustle – using those side gigs to not just fill that gap in your budget but take you to that next level, to create that financial freedom you deserve.

I hear all the time, “But Joe I don’t know what to do or Joe what can I make money doing.” Well if you’ve ever thought about creating a side hustle income you are not going to want to miss this!

The Side Gig Summit – two weeks of experts sharing their side hustle secrets and strategies, all online and all completely free. I’m telling you, it is completely free August 26th through September 4th.

You’re going to find over 25 side hustle stars each sharing how they got started, their secrets to getting going and how much you can expect to make. These are 30 to 40 minutes sessions with a lot of great information.

Some of the sessions include Kayla Sloan on how to become a virtual assistant. Kayla grew her virtual assistant business from nothing to six-figures in less than two years. She charges hundreds for her VA course but you’re going to get all her best tips for free.

Melanie Lockert will show you how she created a six-figure event planning business and launched her Lola Retreat for women. For those of you wanting to get started making real money here on YouTube, Tasha from the channel One Big Happy Life is going to reveal how she’s grown her channel to over 70,000 subscribers in a couple of years and makes three grand a month part-time.

These are just a couple of the free sessions, a couple of others that caught my eye, side hustles like launching an Amazon FBA business, being a brand ambassador online. Just a lot of great side gigs here.

side hustle conference sessions

This is a free online conference, it’s free to register through September 4th but you want to click through and register now and I’ll tell you why.

Reserve Your Seat for the Side Hustle Summit – All Online, All Free

The video sessions are only going to be free for 24 hours after they go live. Click the link in the description before August 26th and you’ll be able to watch all the sessions completely free. After that, there’ll be a membership to watch the videos. I’ve seen the membership and these sessions are worth five or six times the price easily but free is always better so click over and get your virtual ticket.

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