Top 4 Financial Jobs You Can Do From Home

Have you ever dreamt of working from home? Do you have a passion for all things finance or have always had a knack for numbers? Then you might be in luck.

Never before has it been as easy to work from home and one of the industries with the most opportunities happens to be in finance. Below, we’ve listed four of the most common and popular financial jobs that you and pretty much anyone else can give a try, so let’s get to it.

Day Trader

A day trader is a trader that opens positions in stocks and other assets such as forex and commodities over a short period of time. In most cases, the positions are opened and closed within a day (thus the name), but they can also be kept open longer at times.

Not everyone is suited to become a day trader and it takes dedication as well as enough funds to get started. You should also expect to spend a lot of time learning all the necessary skills needed to analyze markets and place profitable trades.

With that said, as long as you set up an account with a top broker and are willing to study the art of trading, you will be presented with incredible opportunities to make money on your own. See this guide to learn more about the best trading platform.


  • Work on your own without a boss
  • Adaptable work hours based on the market’s opening hours
  • No income cap

Financial Writer

With the rise of the Internet, the need for freelance writers has skyrocketed. Every website and resource online need someone to create engaging content that attracts readers and potentially sell services. In turn, that means that anyone with an aptitude for writing can find work online and work from home.

Financial writing is especially lucrative with relatively good pay and a high workload.


  • A job that allows you to stimulate your creative side
  • A great way to improve your knowledge about all things finance
  • The ability to control your work hours and workload

Financial Planner

There is nothing that stops a financial planner from setting up their office at home. As long as you live in a safe area and have a house where your potential clients would feel comfortable discussing their finances, you’re good to go.

One of the benefits of working as a financial planner is that you can do it on your own or even score a job for an agency but conduct your work from home.


  • Reduced cost and spending compared to “in-office advisors”
  • The option of creating a more serious company with the opportunity to scale in the long-term
  • Work on your own or through a larger agency or company

Corporate Financial Careers

Lastly, we want to discuss more traditional corporate financial careers which is a much broader category than the three previous ones and can include pretty much any position in the corporate world.

As mentioned, it’s becoming more common for corporations to hire “location independent” employees. In recent years, it’s become very clear that this type of work can benefit both the company and the workers themselves. For example, the company can save on expenses associated with running large offices while the worker can enjoy working from home. 


  • Employment benefits such as health care
  • The stability of having a salary-based employment
  • Creating a traditional career from home

Final Words

Regardless of your skills and education, you have more options of creating a career or building a start-up from home today than ever before. The opportunities are close to endless and that goes for all industries in the world.

With that said, one of the industries with the most opportunities for people looking to start working from home is the financial industry. And keep in mind that the four above-mentioned options are only the tip of the iceberg.

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