Learn how to find the best virtual assistant services on Fiverr to help you get more done

Running a successful work from home business is just as much about time management as anything. You can’t be the marketing, graphic design, finance and management department all the time…even if that’s what it takes as a you get started.

Finding the best way to outsource some of the routine tasks is a must for anyone that wants to grow their business. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant or freelancer is a great idea, until you try doing it on some of the freelancer websites.

Most virtual assistant services SUCK! I’ve been on dozens of freelancer sites from Upwork to Freelancer and it’s a constant headache finding quality freelancers at a reasonable price.

More often than not, you find that the freelancer grossly lied about their experience and abilities or you just don’t find anyone that fits what you need.

There is one freelancer website I use regularly though. It’s not that the freelancers are so much better than those you’ll find on other sites but this one has one huge advantage…cost.

Fiverr is a completely different kind of website for virtual assistant services and a unique way of outsourcing your tasks that can help solve the problem of finding quality VA help.

Through this Fiverr review, I’ll detail how you can use the freelancer site to find help for your work from home business and share some of my favorite project providers.

How Does Fiverr Work for Work from Home Businesses?

Where most freelancer websites require you to start a job request, detailing specifically what you need done and then waiting for freelancers to bid, Fiverr is a directory of jobs freelancers are offering to do.

how does fiverr work

To find a specific job you need done, you can search or browse through the categories. Fiverr helps you refine your search by letting you filter by different categories. For example, a search for “graphic design” finds almost 4,000 services offered by virtual assistants but I see that 1,000 of them are for logo design while another 428 are for flyers/posters and 180 are for web design.

You can also filter a search by price, seller ranking, language and how long it takes to deliver the job.

Most services offered start at $5…hence the name of the site. Clicking through one of the jobs will show you everything the virtual assistant is offering to do as well as any upgrades they offer.

There are two very important reasons why Fiverr works so well for finding virtual assistant services:

  • Since freelancers offer packaged jobs, they get very good at those specific services. You don’t have to train someone how you want your task done because they’ve already done it hundreds of times.
  • Paying just $5 for smaller tasks means you can try out different freelancers to find the best one. This makes the whole process so much easier and less frustrating.

Are you going to be happy with every freelancer you find on Fiverr? No, there are just as many crappy VAs on the site as you’ll find on other freelancer websites.

fiverr virtual assistant servicesThe advantage is that it only costs $5 to try a freelancer out and you don’t have to spend hours interviewing each one. In the two years hiring virtual assistants from the site, I’ve bought nearly 100 gigs.

I’ve cancelled eight projects and asked for a refund on six but I’ve also found more than a dozen great freelancers that are experts in their jobs and make my work from home life infinitely easier!

When you do find a great freelancer you can either just keep ordering the specific task whenever you need it or can negotiate for them to do larger jobs according to your requirements.

What Virtual Services Work on Fiverr?

There are some tasks that work great on Fiverr and others that it’s really hard finding a good freelancer for the job.

Routine tasks like submitting a page or graphic from your blog to other websites or doing basic data tasks are the best types of services to find on Fiverr. Any task you have that doesn’t take a lot of creativity or where it is a very well-defined process will be easier to fill.

Before I get a lot of angry emails from virtual assistants on Fiverr, this is just my opinion. All the tasks like writing blog posts or marketing content have been a bad experience for me.

Other tasks on Fiverr that don’t work well are the spammy SEO services you see offered. Freelancers offer to get you thousands of backlinks or social media buzz to your site but these gigs are worthless and can actually get you in trouble with Google.

Again, it will take some trial and error to find the best virtual assistants for different tasks you need done but you’ll quickly build a team for your growing business.

My Favorite Fiverr Gigs

Here’s my list for the best Fiverr gigs and freelancers I’ve found on the website. These are some of the virtual assistant services I use most often. Click through here to search for these tasks and others on Fiverr.

Create a High Quality Infographic, Kreativedezigns

I’ve had 70 infographics done through this freelancer after working with several others on Fiverr. He’s got 987 reviews and almost a perfect 5-star profile.

how to find virtual assistant services

You can get up to 10 points (sections) on your infographic and the freelancer offers unlimited revisions. I usually have to ask for at least one or two revisions but they’re always delivered within a day. Outsource infographic work anywhere else and you’re looking at paying $70 to start and up to hundreds.

Infographic or Image Submission to 65 Websites, Seoparle

These next two VA services are part of my SEO process I explain in Google SEO for Bloggers: How to Get the Google Love You Deserve. It’s not enough to create a great infographic or video. You have to get it out in front of people to generate buzz before it can go viral. Submitting the media to different websites is the first step in that process but very time-consuming.

I’ve had this freelancer work on six projects and have been happy with the results. She has 794 reviews and almost all 5-stars. It’s easy work but would take hours if I did it myself. Getting it done for $5 is a no-brainer.

PDF Submission to 50 Document Sharing Sites, Parulk30

You can convert blog posts or other content easily into pdf format and then share it around the web. Most of the links back to your website are nofollow so don’t really help much with SEO but it does help drive visitors and gets your link profile started. It’s that crucial first step to ranking a really important post.

Just as with the infographic submission service, it would take me at least an hour to submit my pdf documents to 50 websites. I’ve ordered this one eight times and it’s always been done within a day or two.

Create 3 Images for Pinterest, Dailtube

This has been one of the few creative freelancer services I’ve been happy with on Fiverr. I’ve never been good at graphic design myself so love it when I can find a freelancer that knows what they are doing.

Dailtube will create three Pinterest images for separate posts on your blog. I’ve ordered this gig nine times for 27 total pins. I still create a few of my own pins but this is a great VA service for when you want a great Pinterest image to go viral.

(Let’s connect on Pinterest)

Make a Caricature Drawing of You, Konco

I’ve only ordered this once to make the caricature in the logo for this blog but was really happy with it. The freelancer has more than 2,700 reviews and nearly all of them 5-stars so he must be doing something right.

As with the best freelancers I’ve found on Fiverr, this one will do revisions of the work until you are happy.

Promote and Market your Discounted Book, Bknights

This freelancer is extremely popular with self-publishers, evidenced by nearly 20,000 reviews and a 5-star profile.

The freelancer promotes out your Kindle book offer to their social network as well as on a few websites. I’ve ordered it three times and have been fairly happy with the results. I got 6 – 8 extra orders on two of the promotions, basically covering the cost of the gig, but only a few on the other order. With book promotions, if you can cover the cost of the promotion then you’re doing well so this one is worth it just to get your book ranked.

blog virtual assistant help

Understand that freelancers come and go so not all of the virtual assistant services above will still be available to new customers though you might be able to get in with a private message to the freelancer.

How to Find Other Great Gigs on Fiverr

There are thousands of other virtual assistant services on Fiverr worth checking out. The one drawback to the site is that you have to do some searching for each task you need done. You’ll still save time compared to creating a task, interviewing and then working with someone on another freelancer site.

After searching for a task or browsing the categories,

  • I usually filter for top-rated sellers or at least ‘Level Two’ sellers if there isn’t much of a selection. This makes sure you are reviewing the most experienced freelancers.
  • I scroll over the gigs to see how many reviews each has received and will usually only click through to look closer at those with more than a few hundred reviews.
  • If the offered tasks match with what you need done, scroll down to the freelancer’s reviews. I change the drop-down box to see worst reviews first and then scan through a few. Even the best freelancers will have some negative reviews but if someone has many bad reviews and they are specific to what you need, it may be a good idea to try someone else.

Get started on Fiverr today and finally get that project done!

Finding quality freelancers and virtual assistant services is one of the most difficult processes for entrepreneurs. Finding a website like Fiverr that makes it a little easier will help you take your work from home business to the next level by outsourcing some of the routine tasks you need done. I still use a few other freelancer websites but find myself regularly scanning Fiverr for new ways I can outsource my work.

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