These ten ways to make money fast won’t make you rich but they do work in a week or less

The 9-to-5 just isn’t what it used to be. Wages have barely moved since the financial recession and it’s getting tough covering bills even on two full-time jobs. Fortunately, there are all kinds of ways to make money fast.

I’m usually about the long-term ways to make money from home on the blog, business ideas you can build over time to leave the rat race behind. It’s not always about reaching financial independence though, is it? Sometimes you just need something quick, something to pay the bills fast.

That’s why I set out to put together a list of my favorite ways to make money fast, ways to get a little extra cash in about a week. Find one of these that work for you and you might be able to avoid taking out a personal loan or worse yet, a payday cash advance.

These quick ways to make money won’t make you rich but they deliver on the promise, fast cash and little time to get started.

10 Fast Cash Ideas to Pay the Bills

Just as with launching your freelancing business, there are some jobs anyone can do to make money fast and there are other jobs that you may or may not be able to do for fast cash. The jobs that require a little prior experience naturally pay more money but don’t overlook the routine tasks to make a quick buck either.

Jobs Anyone Can do to Make Money Fast

  1. Become a mover

Do you own a truck or a large vehicle? People change homes or offices every day and nobody likes doing it themselves. Even if it’s just a desk or a dining set, a mover can make a pretty decent on-the-side income. It’s free to advertise on Craigslist as a mover and an inexpensive bumper sticker can bring in a lot of customers. It won’t take long before you get all the jobs you can handle just through referrals.

Being a mover is easy…and not so easy. It will be great exercise but you also risk injury for a little quick cash. Charge at least $15 an hour plus supplies and a per mile fee for driving.

  1. Clean Houses

In today’s fast-paced world, people don’t usually have the time or the energy to keep their homes neat. Cleaning other people’s homes might be a great way to raise some quick cash. Just make sure you know the size of the house you are going to clean before you give a price to your client.  Check out other people’s ads on Craigslist or other cleaning services to determine your own pricing. You can charge by the size of the house or on an hourly fee.

See a trend developing? There are a lot of things people just don’t want to do. They’d rather pay to have it done and spend their time on more important things like…watching TV. Cleaning houses to make money fast isn’t a glamourous job and won’t make you rich but it can get you out of a jam by spending just a few hours each weekend.

You can make fast cash advertising on Craigslist or with a quick call around the neighborhood but real money over the long-term means you’ll need a better way to advertise. It literally takes less than an hour to put together a website that can start bringing you more clients than you can handle.

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  1. Sell stuff Online

Do you have an electric guitar you don’t use or a bicycle that’s been sitting in the garage for over a year? It’s time to make money fast on everything I like to call shtuff. This shtuff ranges from things that seemed like a good idea when you bought them to other items that you never even used.

There are many different websites that can help you find somebody looking for a good deal on a used items but you’ll have the most luck on Amazon, Craigslist and eBay.

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  1. Walk dogs

Unfortunately, not all dogs are getting the exercise they need because their owners are usually tired or don’t have time to provide their furry friends with some leisure time. Dog-walkers are growing in demand and there is nothing better for the dog and the dog-owner. As many other freelance jobs, this one depends on the amount of dogs and hours you can handle, but let’s say you can get five dogs at 10 dollars an hour each one, this means you can make 100 bucks in just 2 hours! Not bad, huh?

ways to make money fastOne last piece of advice here…buy lots of baggies!

  1. Babysit

Did you know that people can make up to 80 dollars for a day of babysitting? I couldn’t believe it when I saw the figure but I guess things have changed since charging $5 bucks an hour to watch my cousins in the 90s. This one’s a tough one to break into because you need the trust of the parents’ before you can start working. Start with friends and family and ask for referrals.

Once you get started, this can be one of the easiest ways to make money fast…depending on the kids. Get an idea of the kids’ temperament and how much you’ll charge before committing to anything. The amount of money you make, depends on how many hours you work, but one thing is for sure; there always is a kid somewhere in the need of adult supervision.

  1. Sell cold drinks in summer

Summer is already here! With the temperatures going through the roof, everybody wants to have a nice, cold, refreshing drink to survive the heat. This isn’t about setting up a lemonade stand and competing with ten-year olds in the neighborhood. Invest in a push cart and stock it with soda and teas.

You’ll need to check out the local laws and might need a vendor’s license but as long as you’re selling closed containers, this isn’t usually too much of a problem. Take your cart out to the park or around the city on the weekend. The convenience and selection can get you as much as a dollar over retail and you can make more money by buying your supplies in bulk or wholesale.

  1. Scalp Tickets

WARNING: Please check the law in your jurisdiction as scalping tickets might be illegal in your area

As frowned upon as this is, scalping tickets has always been a convenient way to make a quick buck out of a rather minor investment. Find a good event (concert, sports game) coming to your town and make sure you get tickets on the release date. Most of them go out to the public at very reasonable prices that usually go up over the next few days. Use your credit card to get cash back or reward points.

If it’s a hot enough event, you might be able to sell your tickets online at a premium before the event. Otherwise, stake out the event a few hours ahead of time. Remember, the money you make increases or decreases depending on how popular the event is. I mean, don’t expect to make a fortune out of tickets for a Carrot Top show…

Skilled Work to Make Fast Cash

You may have to make your fast cash on the easy, unskilled tasks first but spend a little time each week working on your skills for the jobs below. These last three ways to make money fast pay a lot better and can be more enjoyable.

  1. Cook for your Neighbors

Think about it, unless you enjoy cooking, what are the last five evening meals you had this week? Most people order out or eat whatever is easiest to throw in the over. Think about how much people spend going out to eat…that’s money you could make in a couple of hours. Wouldn’t you rather have a healthy and well-planned meal rather than another Big Mac?

This can start out as a one meal service and grow into a full-time catering company. Charge a per hour fee plus supplies and offer to do the grocery shopping for your clients. It will save a lot of time at their home trying to find the right ingredients.

  1. Tutoring

ways to make fast cash onlineAre you an expert at something? Math, chemistry, a foreign language? The demand for personalized education has been growing dramatically and more kids, teens and even adults need a little help from an expert to grasp a new concept.

Depending on your area of expertise, you can charge from $25 to $50 dollars an hour. Sure, online tutor services charge less but they aren’t nearly as effective as in-person instruction. Craigslist is again the advertising channel of choice but check out some of the local elementary and middle-schools to see if you can get on a list of tutors. While it might not pay as much, remember than you can do many of these fast cash ideas online through freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork.

  1. Street Musician

IF you can play the guitar or any other musical instrument, being a street musician can be a great alternative for making cash fast. These romantic, bohemian kinds are found all over the streets in major and smaller cities around the world. Guess what? They are all making money.

Pick up your guitar, find a good place where lots of people walk by every day and start your show! I’ve heard of street musicians making up to $300 dollars or more a day. Of course, it all depends on how much people like your music.

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It doesn’t matter how strapped you are for cash or how desperate times might be, there are always ways to make money fast. Find one that fits your skills and personality and make it happen. Fast cash can be less than a week away and it may just grow into a full-time work from home business.

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