10 Things I’ll Never Buy Again  [and I’ll Save Thousands]

Never buy these biggest wastes of money if you want to save thousands!

We all love to buy stuff but between outright scams and wastes of money, there are somethings you should never buy.

Never Buy Premium Gasoline

The average American buys 656 gallons of gas a year with a difference of about $0.55 a gallon between premium and regular. That means a savings of $360 a year. 

Why You Should Never Buy Vitamins

At about $0.10 each and two per day, that’s $73 a year. Have an extra apple a day and exercise a little, your body will thank you for it.

Never Buy Bath Salts

Bath salts are just Epsom salts with fragrance and food coloring. 

Are Timeshares a Waste of Money?

Timeshares were a scam before AirBnb and the sharing economy and now they’re even more useless.

Why You Should Not Buy Credit Monitoring

You can freeze your credit for just $10 for each credit report, so that’s $30 total. You only have to freeze it once, no monthly fee.

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