7 Tips to Pay Off Debt Faster

See how one reader paid off over $78,000 in debt within two years and the seven debt payoff strategies that work!

Here are some of the best tips I’ve learned to help pay off debt faster and take back control of your finances.

Determine Your “Why” to Paying Off Debt

Write it down on paper, make a collage or paint a picture — just do something to remind you of your deeper reason for paying off debt.

Design a Budget That Works for You

There’s no right way to budget; you just have to find a method you can maintain long-term.

Learn to Save and Avoid Debt

From groceries and gas to car insurance and internet, look at each of your expenses and figure out how you can save on them.

Get an Extra Job

Paying off debt can be done on any income, but, in order to pay it off fast, you sometimes just need more money.

Make Weekly Payments on Your Debt

If your debt is a mortgage, making a half payment every other week instead of once a month can save you years and tens of thousands of dollars in payments.

Eat at Home

Committing to eating only home-cooked meals (or at least whenever possible) for two to three years can make a huge dent in your debt repayment and savings.

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