How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost [and How to Save Thousands]

Debtor’s prisons may be a thing of the past but the high cost of bankruptcy still keeps many people chained to their debt.

How to Afford Bankruptcy

We’re looking at how bankruptcy can help free you from that debt and how to beat the high cost of filing. The Upsolve app helps you file bankruptcy without a lawyer and has helped users clear over $206 million.

There are really two costs when you go to file chapter 7 bankrutpcy; the filing fee you pay the court and attorney fees. The filing fee is $335 and that’s nationwide. 

How Much Does Filing Bankruptcy Cost?

Average Lawyer Fees to File Bankruptcy by State

A study by the American Bankruptcy Institute found attorney costs ranged from over $1,500 in Arizona to as low as $692 in Idaho with an average of $1,072, that was just the lawyer’s fee.

Other Costs to File Bankruptcy

Anyone filing bankruptcy, either chapter 7 or 13, are also required to take two credit counseling courses. 

Other Costs to File Bankruptcy

The first is a credit course before you file, that’s usually under $25, and the second is a debtor education course after filing that’s usually under $50, so not quite the roadblock as the other fees. 

How to File Bankruptcy for Free

Upsolve will help you find an inexpensive credit counseling course and choose your filing date. Upsolve staff reviews your forms to make sure they’re complete and generates your forms to file with your nearest bankruptcy court.

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