7 Best Money Saving Apps to Get Discounts, Deals and Free Stuff

These apps will help you earn rewards for your purchases, stay within your budget, cut unnecessary expenses, find great deals and put money aside for savings. 

With the power to save at your fingertips, download these smartphone apps to keep more money in your account.  

1. Fetch Rewards

 Earn rewards on all eligible purchases when shopping at grocery stores, pet supplies, retail, partner restaurants, and filling up your gas tank. Just scan or upload your receipts to collect points.

2. Mint

This money management app helps track your transactions, subscriptions, and expenses to keep you on budget and help you reach your financial goals. 

3. Trim 

The Trim app (also known as AskTrim) analyzes your spending and attempts to find ways you can save money. Trim doesn't just give advice; they take action too. 

4. Living Social

The app looks for discounts and deals in the entertainment and wellness space in the area where you live. Deals are typically at restaurants, spas, attractions, special events, and activities. 

5. Flipp

The Flipp app is a digital flier aggregator that allows you to browse through almost any store flier in your area on your phone. If you are looking for a specific product, you can easily find which store has it for the best price. 

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