The 5 Biggest Money Mistakes Everyone Makes

In my five years talking about personal finances with people and over nearly a decade as an investment analyst, I’ve seen five common money mistakes keep people from reaching their financial goals.

Take an honest look at each of these money mistakes. There’s no shame in having fallen for some of them in the past, we’ve all been there.

The Golden Gaffe of Poor Planning

Everyone talks about the importance of starting early with your financial planning but do you know how much it matters? Putting just $50 a month into an investment account can mean nearly $100,000 more for retirement. 

You probably heard from your parents that money doesn’t grow on trees but you can create it out of thin air…with a credit card! 

Budgeting Blunder: Overspending and Credit Mistakes

And that’s one of the biggest money problems, that many people think of their credit limit as available cash. It’s too easy to think of your credit limit as the same as your income. Borrowed money isn’t the same as money you earn. 

Waiting Too Long to Invest Your Money

You should have a plan to pay off your debt especially those high-interest credit cards. Do not wait until you are debt free to start investing and planning for your future. 

Unless you have enough money to hire a financial advisor that will do everything for you, you need to spend an hour or two a week to do it yourself.

Ignorance is Not Bliss with this Money Mistake

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