35 Credit Card Questions Everyone Needs to Ask

A simple Google search means you’re either on a website trying to sell you into a credit card or a blogger preaching the debt-free lifestyle. That means any answers you get are one-sided and incomplete.

I’ve included an index of the credit card topics below and the 35 most common questions about credit cards.

Credit Card Basic

There are some questions that come up in every conversation about credit cards. These are the basic themes to understand before even thinking about getting a credit card.

How do Credit Cards Work?

Credit cards are a loan, that's how credit cards work. So many people treat credit cards as easy cash but treating them as a loan you need to pay back solves a lot of problems down the road.

What are Benefits of Having a Credit Card?

1. Credit cards are a legit source for emergency cash.  2. Most credit cards offer free services like the ability to get your FICO score free each month and credit monitoring.

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

It can be extremely easy to build up a wallet full of credit cards. But you really don’t need more than a few credit cards. Having more than one card doesn’t give you any more financial flexibility.

Will My Credit Card Make Me Overspend?

YES! I’d like to be fair and say it depends on you, but the fact is people with credit cards tend to overspend compared to paying only in cash. It’s a fact that our brains react differently to paying with cash or credit.

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