Dave Ramsey Baby Step 4: Making Your Money Grow

You will never become financially independent by trading time for dollars. You need to develop some passive streams of income, which brings us to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 4.

Getting started on Dave Ramsey Baby Step #4 Means Getting Over the Fear of Investing.

Compound Interest is Your Friend

Compound interest is the money you make off your earnings and other interest, so it's the money you make on the money you made.

Investing in the Stock Market

For me, investing in mutual funds is a long-term proposition. When you look at the stock market, every day prices go up and prices come down. 

How do I even start investing?

M1 Finance is an online, automated investing platform that allows you to invest your money safely and with ease. Link your bank account for the transfer of funds and choose which investments you would like to make. 

Take emotions out of investing

The stock market is driven by speculation and fear of what will happen down the road. When you invest, try to be a Steady Betty. 

Getting started on Baby Step 4

Getting started on Dave Ramsey's Baby Step #4 is just a matter of…getting started. It can be intimidating opening up that first investment account but it really takes less than five minutes. 

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