Why Debt Free isn’t Your Best Financial Option

Misuse of debt and high interest charges can ruin your financial future, the responsible use of debt can actually help you achieve your financial goals and live happier than ever.

Being debt free isn’t necessarily the best thing you can do. Learn how to use debt as a financial tool and be better off.

Debt Free or Using Debt for Investing?

Using debt as a financial tool versus being debt free is an important, and sometimes difficult, decision for a lot of people. 

If you have a tough time budgeting, saving and controlling your spending then you may want to avoid debt all-together. It can be a slippery slope but using debt and controlling it can help you achieve your financial dreams. 

Should You Use a Loan to Invest in Stocks or Real Estate?

Even after the two stock market crashes this millennium, stocks in the S&P 500 have returned 7.2% over the last 30 years. 

These are the largest companies in America and relatively stable over the long-term, so not as risky as smaller companies. The drawback is that there is no contractual return as there is with bonds.

Topping every other investment is the one you make in yourself through education. With the ballooning of student debt, I’ve seen a lot of people question the value of a degree. 

Is it Really a Student Loan Debt Crisis?

I’ll agree that the for-profit and online schools likely do not offer a good return on their high costs and low graduation rates but traditional schools still offer a lifetime of opportunity. 

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