The Secret to How the Rich Stay Rich

A recent study of 2,523 people around the world with an average net worth of $7.6 million offers a different perspective on how the rich stay rich and where they put their money.

Some quick takeaways from the survey: 1. The rich didn't get that way from investing in stocks. They have less than one in every five dollars in the stock market.

2. Rich people actually keep more money in ‘safe investments' like bonds and even cash compared to stocks.

Taking the big risks to make the big money

Success isn’t about getting lucky with the first idea or business you have – that’s called winning the lottery. The real business success stories are evolved through many different forms and failures.

The average age when the rich started their own business was 32 years old though other surveys show that the average age of new entrepreneurs is decreasing.

What’s the Average Age when Someone Gets Rich?

Stocks are no get-rich-quick scheme

Stocks aren't a get-rich-quick scheme, they are an important part of your overall financial plan. You can't expect to reach your financial goals without making your money work for you.

The rich put nearly as much in alternative investments, i.e. private equity and hedge funds, and in start-up financing as they did in stocks.

Tolerance for risk and high rewards Make the Rich Richer

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