How to Freeze Your Credit Reports from Hackers in 5 Minutes

Protect your family with a security freeze on your credit report and special deals on credit monitoring.

It finally happened. I was one of the 143 million people in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. to have their personal information stolen in the Equifax hack.

If you’re one of the 143 million others that got their information stolen, and it’s safe to say you probably are, here are the options I found while trying to protect my family.

Your Options after a Credit Information Hack Attack

LifeLock has offered its premium credit monitoring protection on a risk-free 30-day trial for those affected by the Equifax hack. They’ve also discounted the price by 10% if you decide to keep the service.

Your Options after a Credit Information Hack Attack

TransUnion, one of the three credit reporting agencies, is offering a $1 trial to get your credit report and score. It’s part of their 7-day trial for credit monitoring and an inexpensive way to make sure your credit hasn’t already been hacked. 

I did freeze my three credit reports but only as quick protection against the Equifax hackers. A security freeze means no new accounts can be opened on your credit reports.

How to Freeze Your Credit Reports to Protect Your Identity

That’s why I’m using the credit freezes for the next few months but also signed up for the LifeLock identity protection and checked my credit reports on TransUnion and Experian.

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