5 Fun Games to Teach Your Kids about Money

Rich people teach their kids about money. Schools don’t do it and as someone that grew up in a lower-income, single-parent family I can tell you that lessons learned by example aren’t always the best. 

Instead of making our kids go through the same challenge, we’re looking for games to help us teach them earlier. 

How to Teach Kids about Money

We’ve tried lots of games, books and activities to start teaching our kids money…some of them have worked while others have definitely not. We’ve settled on a few games we play regularly.

Board Games to Teach Kids about Money

Here are the five games and books we’ve used to teach our kids about money. We really like the ones and, more importantly, our kids love them.

Money Bags Value game by Learning Resources. 

Kids learn how to earn money by completing different tasks on each square. Then they learn counting when they earn the money and budgeting by asking other players to do a task. 

Financial Peace Jr

He’s done amazing things for peoples’ financial freedom. He knows how to explain and teach money so that anyone can understand and now he’s taking that skill to help teach kids money.

Books to Teach Kids about Money

It’s so much easier to keep your kids focused and motivated if you can change up the activities and that’s a little hard to do with a board game. Instead, look for a few books and activities you can print out or page through. 

Money Activity book by Learning Resources

1. Teaching kids money management with cutouts of money 2. Math skills from basic counting to subtraction needed when dealing with money

Kid Start-Up, by Mark Cuban 

1. Explore kid-friendly business ideas 2. Learn how businesses help solve peoples’ problems 3. Build excitement and motivation for success!

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