How My Grandparents Taught Me about Money

Grandparents can have a huge influence on your personal finance habits, teaching you just as much as your parents or anyone else around you. 

Today’s scholarship essay is by Taylor Fouts. She shares how her grandparents taught her personal finance lessons from an early age and made all the difference in her financial life.

What My Grandparents Taught Me about Money

I was taught about personal finance at a very young age. From playing with the toy cash register to counting worms to make money in our family business, I was constantly learning about money. 

What My Grandparents Taught Me about Money

I started making money at a young age. My grandparents taught me the importance of making money, and how not to spend every cent of my paycheck the day I get it. 

I was taught the art of saving money on my 7th birthday, my grandma decided that I was old enough to not spend all my birthday money on useless toys.

The Art of Saving Money

My grandparents have helped me learn the importance of saving money, I like to think I am good at making sure I do not blow my money and always making sure I have enough in the bank to cover my bills.

The Art of Saving Money

My grandma taught me about how to use a credit card appropriately and how to pay my own bills on time or in advanced to avoid those darn late fees. 

Grandma’s Money Lessons Keep Teaching

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