How to Get a Credit Report [The Only True Free Way]

There are thousands of scam sites trying to trick you into paying for your credit report but getting your truly free report takes less than five minutes.

Avoid the scams and get your credit report with the only free government site.

Why You Need to Check Your Credit Report Every Year

Checking your credit report regularly isn’t just important to protect your money but that report is the biggest factor in your credit score and being able to get the money you need when you need it. 

I use one of the credit bureaus TransUnion to help monitor my credit and for a few other services. No sales pitches, no special offers on credit monitoring, just getting your free report.

How to Avoid Scam Credit Report Site

How to Get Your Credit Report from the Real Website

The easiest way to get your free report is to go to the website,, and click the button that says ‘request your free credit reports’. 

How to Use Your Credit Report to Protect Your Identity

I would recommend finding a credit card that offers credit score monitoring. Most cards will offer this as a free service. They’ll check your score once a month and update you.

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