How to Get More Money and Everything Else!

Only your mother is going to hand you everything you need without being asked! Find out the right way to ask people for something to get more money and anything else you need.

In fact, one study recently found that by not negotiating a first salary an individual stands to make $500,000 less by the age of 60 years old.

Get more money by asking for it!

People are generally so timid about asking for anything that people actually don’t have much of a defense for rational requests. At most you might have to back up your request with a few logical statements.

The first step to asking for something is how you ask. Watch your posture and self-control. Be assertive but try not to demand something or be aggressive. You need to go into the conversation prepared and confident but not like a bull looking to lock horns.

Practice what you are going to say a few times in the mirror until it is natural. You don’t have to practice every word but go over your selling points and any responses to negative feedback you might get.

Get more money at work by knowing your worth

Start thinking about asking for what you want and you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities come up to ask for a better deal. 

Beyond being able to show measurable proof of your success and your worth, put together a few ideas on how you can be even more valuable. You may be tapped out on the salary for your current position but what if you added a few responsibilities.

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