How to Get the Best Price on Priceline!

Getting the best price on Priceline is about knowing how to use the Name your Own Price feature to get the best price possible.

Getting the best price on travel isn’t as tough as you might think. Actually, it’s pretty easy. 

I’ll go over my process to get the best price possible on Priceline and then go over a few other features on the site and some things to think about. 

Become a Priceline Negotiator and Get the Best Price on Priceline

Clicking through to will take you to the main website. 

To name your own price and get the best deals, you’ll need find the ‘Name your own Price’ section and click on one of the images for hotels, flights or rental cars. 

Get the Best Price and Get Bonus Cash on Priceline

As with a lot of travel hacking ideas to get the best price and deals, it helps to take full advantage of all the rewards and bonus deals available on one site. 

This means that you’ll not only get the best price on your airfare but get other rewards as well. As a Priceline rewards member, you´ll be eligible to receive Bonus Cash.

The card offers an immediate $50 discount on your best price deal or a $50 hotel bonus. Perhaps you would rather choose the immediate 5,000 points on your Priceline purchases. 

Get the Best Price with a Priceline Credit Card

A new program on Priceline is their Tonight Only Deals, a great option for people already traveling but without a hotel. Download their app on your mobile phone for Priceline´s tonight only stay. 

Get the Best Price on Priceline with Tonight Only Deals

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