How to Make Small Investments to Get Rich!

How every much you make, however much you can save…you have got to find ways to make those small investments go as far as possible. 

I’m going to show you five investing strategies to turn those small investments into BIG money! 

How to Invest $100 a Month for a $200,000 Payday

Saving just $100 a month, just one less mocha-cocha frapachino a day, can become almost $200,000 for retirement. It’s a return of over $160,000 on your money!

Investing Small Amounts in Dividend Stocks

With stocks that pay out monthly though, you not only get a more frequent cash flow to pay the bills but you can compound that money faster which is going to mean a higher total return!

Grow Your Money with Growth Stocks

Just investing in the five FAANG stocks; that’s Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google over the last decade would have made you 32% a year on your money…that’s 16-times your investment! 

Higher Risk and Return for Your Small Investments

Penny stocks are the next best thing with returns of fifteen- to 18% a year and higher. And it’s truly amazing how far even small investments can go here, that same $100 a month to $949,000.

Growing Small Investments in Your Home Business

I started my online business in 2014, almost exactly six years ago, and invested less than $500 over the entire first year. I’ve since grown my monthly income from the business to average $23,000 this year.

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