How to Start a Business on Bad Credit

Don’t be locked out of the American dream. These two options can help you start a business even on bad credit.

Bank lending has slowed to a crawl since the financial recession and even good credit borrowers have had trouble getting loans. It’s made it nearly impossible for anyone with bad credit to start a business.

That means the disparity between rich and poor may grow even larger as those with access to credit are able to start businesses while those with poor credit are stuck working for the owners.

Starting a Digital Business on Bad Credit

Digital businesses can be started and operated with almost no money. I’ve started each of my six websites with less than $100 and spend less than five hours on each per week.

These kind of digital businesses is the topic of one of my websites, My Work from Home Money. There’s a directory of the best work from home jobs on the site but let’s look at a few businesses you can start on bad credit.

Running your own website

This one is probably the easiest but takes longer to start making money. You make money through advertising and selling your own products or services.

Website consulting and services

Working on your own site, you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to be successful. Most of the other bloggers I know also work as consultants to other businesses on a part-time basis.

Social media services

 Businesses want their message to be seen on Facebook and other social sites and they’re willing to pay big money to people that can manage their profile.

Freelance work

Just about any job can be done freelance and it will give you the opportunity to set your own price and hours. This article can get you started on how to make money freelancing.

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