How to Stop Being Broke During a Crisis

You have what it takes to flip the cards to change your current reality for the better. In this post, I'll highlight the important small steps I took to stop being broke during a crisis.

Here are worth-to-read tips to stop being broke that can help you change your situation and end the struggle of poverty.

Tips to Stop Being Broke and Change Your Situation

Write down a list of things that worked and a list of things that didn't work.

Reflect On All of Your Past Financial Decisions

Identify your financial goals. Your short term, mid-term and long term goals should all be written down so that you can visualize them with ease. 

Identify, Write and Visualize Your Goals

Create an emergency fund so that you can avoid borrowing money or receiving any form of assistance from anyone else.

Prioritize Creating an Emergency Fund

Invest your time in learning how to create income online.

Think of Other Ways to Generate More Income

You need to cut out as many unnecessary costs as you can from your household budget in order to have more money coming in for investment purposes.

Reduce Expenses and Learn New Skills