How to Turn a Healthy Lifestyle into a Healthy Budget

As I get older and the medical bills start piling up, I’m increasingly seeing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it may be the most important idea in creating your long-term healthy budget. 

After eating right and seeing the doctor regularly, there’s no better way to turn that healthy lifestyle into a healthy budget than regular exercise.

Keeping your healthy budget while you exercise

I’m all about saving money and not just about spending it at the gym instead of spending it on medical bills. Paying for an expensive gym membership would defeat the purpose of turning a healthy lifestyle into a healthy budget.

Your own fitness goals will determine what kind of equipment you need. Most people aren’t looking to be in the next Terminator movie and don’t need anything more than stairs and a good pair of running shoes.

The most important part of a healthy lifestyle is just to set specific and realistic goals for your exercise. Instead of a goal being ¨walk every day¨ your goal should be something like, ¨walk # number of steps today.¨

How much is enough for my healthy lifestyle?

Climb the stair instead of taking the elevator at work. If you work on the fourth floor or higher, this might be some intense exercise so start out slowly. Balance it out with an easier walk around the park during lunch.

Healthy budget exercises at work

There are lots of exercises you can do at work over the course of your day that require no equipment and are great for getting the heart pumping. Try taking a break every two or three hours to do five minutes of exercise and stretching. 

I do a lot of my exercises during TV commercial breaks. It takes a little practice to remember to get up and do some kind of activity every few commercial breaks but it is really time you would lose otherwise.

Healthy budget exercises at work

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