How Your Family Keeps You BROKE! | What to Do NOW

The biggest hurdle to keeping you from your financial goals, that number one obstacle keeping you broke is…your own family! Those lovable roommates that JUST WON’T LEAVE!

 I’ll reveal the three ways your family keeps you broke and how to fix each. I’ll show you a simple checklist to save more money and get back on track!

3 Ways Your Family Keeps You Broke

This first one is the big one, the number-one way your family keeps you broke and it’s because you have no shared financial goals!

Worse yet is the breakdown in your family that this causes. You’re going to feel like you’re the only one that cares about saving and investing for those goals. When you see everyone else spending, you’re going to get frustrated.

The second problem here is, not understanding how personal finance works. A study by Ohio Stat of more than 6,000 households found in more than one-in-three families, one spouse knew little or nothing about the family’s personal finances. 

Now I am blessed that my wife is just as much a cheap ass as I am…but not everyone is so lucky. A survey by OnePoll found Americans spend an average of $1,500 a month on non-essential spending. 

These three problems, the biggest factors in your family keeping your broke are surprisingly pretty easy to solve and will actually help bring you closer together. For example, solving the problem of shared goals means creating those goals together.

This starts as simply as sitting down and talking about what you want to do with your money, what are those big goals like retirement, buying a house and even the vacations you’ve always wanted to take.

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