Teaching Kids Basic Personal Finance Concepts

Kids need to be taught the basic money lessons early through watching their parents and through their own practice. 

Teaching how to save money and building credit are some of the most important money lessons from my parents.

Two More Money Lessons from My Parents

My parents have been explaining the two most important factors that go along with earning money in America. How to save and make more money.  

In the past, I was what one might call a shopaholic. My spending habits were egregious at best. It wasn’t a compulsion so much as the why not factor that caused me to spend the way I did. 

Another life lesson my parents taught me is about building credit and how building a decent credit score is beneficial for me as a young adult.

Even though, I don’t have a credit card right now, I know that when I receive one, I will be one step ahead of the young adults out there, whose parents did not teach them about building credit.

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