How an Internship Changed my Life

Jordan Ross is not your typical serial entrepreneur, flitting around from idea to idea. He has been successful in at least half of the ventures he’s started and sold his real estate brokerage company in 2013 for $1.2 million.

His secret is a focus on what is important to OTHER people, namely his customers, and an ability to share his passion for an idea. I have known Jordan for years and he’s told me about his experience at an internship he had his junior year. 

 When I saw the stock photos of Vaughn and co-stars, I immediately thought of his earlier movie The Internship and about my friend’s experience.

This is Jordan’s story

I had landed a summer internship as a residential real estate agent at a Philadelphia agency. I actually saw myself leaning toward the commercial side of real estate but my father recommended residential.

 He said it would teach me more about people and their personalities which would be helpful down the road even when dealing with the cold, calculated-side of commercial properties.

Tough Times and Lessons Learned

 Monthly sales of existing homes had peaked back in 2005 across the country and real estate agents were already starting to feel the pinch. Things really got bad in 2007 and memories of the boom years seemed only a fantasy.

I won’t claim that my short four months as a real estate agent taught me everything I’ve used to be a successful businessman but I learned more that summer than most do their entire life.

About making money

 Money is easy come, easy go and means nothing if you don’t enjoy it and enjoy what you do. Most of the agents around the office where I worked fell into one of a few types.

Those that were just in it for the money didn’t last that long because they never made the money they thought they should. They might have done well during the easy times but they still made far less than those that had a passion for the job.

The final group of agents enjoyed what they did and had a good time doing it. They saved enough but understood that you need to, “live while you’re alive,” as one agent liked to say.

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