Turning a Job into a Personal Finance Education

Parents aren’t always the best role models for a personal finance education. Even the most frugal and financially responsible back-track every once in a while.  

It’s important for kids to have other resources available to teach them about money. 

Finding My Personal Finance Education at Work

The list of valuable knowledge that I have acquired since beginning to work include the value of starting to save at a young age, protecting oneself and being tax efficient with one’s money.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Another important aspect of personal finance that I have learned is the value of starting to save and invest at a young age.  Compound interest can do some amazing things.

Pay Yourself First and Budget for Saving

Paying yourself is essential in planning for retirement and having the ability to retire comfortably one day, but doing so in a tax efficient way is critical as well. 

Life Insurance as a Savings Account

Another great savings vehicle that provides a source of safe money in one’s balanced portfolio is whole life insurance. Whole life insurance offers a cash value feature that grows and accrues over time.

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