Learning Personal Finance without Realizing It

We learn constantly from our parents, even when we don’t know we’re learning. 

Understanding the concept behind the personal finance lessons when they come will go a long way to financial freedom when you know the vocabulary to go with it.

Financial Lessons from My Parents

One thing that my parents always told me was to never use up money that I did not even have, meaning to not waste any money I had at the moment before I even received my next pay check.

Now I can understand that to be called budgeting. I have learned to set a monthly or even in some cases or weekly budget.

How My Parents Taught Me About Saving

I was also taught to put some money aside to save up for an emergency or something very important.

My parents told me to not live like I am the wealthiest, because then I will never have any savings or every build up my wealth.

Living Cheaply to Be Financially Wealthy

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