Life Lessons in Personal Finance from a Single Mom

Basic financial lessons like budgeting and paying bills can be the start of good financial health for a lifetime.

Today’s essay is by Brooke Sayre-Chavez, a student at Colorado State University. She shares how her mother got her started with some very important life lessons.

What My Mother Taught Me about Personal Finance

One of the most important things she taught me was that having a job teaches responsibility and time management, along with social skills, and accountability.

Budgeting Savings No Matter How Small

When I started working, my mom and I sat down and figured some things out. I didn’t pay bills at the time, like she does, but I did pay for gas in the car I drove and when I do fun things.

So we decided that I should set two thirds of my paychecks aside just for savings, and the other third would go in my checking account, where I can spend it on whatever I find reasonable. 

Saving Money by Paying on Time

Another important thing my mom taught me was that bills need to be paid on time. It just doesn’t make sense to pay extra in late fees because you forgot to pay something.

Also, although there are advantages to using a credit card, paying with cash ensures that you have the money you are spending, and that you can see how much it costs more visually than just a number before you swipe a card. 

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