How to Get the Lowest Personal Loan Rate [on any Credit Score]

Credit scores and getting a personal loan can seem like a mystery but it's all about knowing which lenders specialize in loans around your specific credit score. 

Let's look at four different credit scores, the best loan sites for that score and how to increase each score fast to get better rates. 

Why Your Loan Depends on Your Credit Score

A lot of the advice isn’t going to be the same or isn’t going to work if you have a very low credit score. Other information won’t be the best if you have a very high score.

Best Loan Sites for Bad Credit

This first personal loan site is one I’ve used a few times. I used it when I destroyed my credit years ago after the housing bust and they specialize in bad credit personal loans. The site is called

Getting a Personal Loan with OK Credit

One personal loans site I like for that 650 credit score range is Upstart. This site is great for college graduates and people that don’t have a credit history or that have a low score.

Best Loan Rates for Good Credit Score

If you have a 700 credit score then congratulations, you’ve made it to the prime-lending category. Here is where you’ll start qualifying for bank loans and better rates online.

How to Get a Loan on Good Credit

A high 740 credit score will qualify you for loans from banks and the stricter loan sites like SoFi. This site offers the widest range of loans available from student loans to mortgages, car loans and personal loans. 

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